Seek and Ye Shall Find (Duty)

Greetings all!
Fernehalwes popping in again to remind everyone that the newest installment in the Developers’ Commentary series has gone live. This time, Yoshi-P and Foxclon dive into a giant, steaming pile of duty…uh…finder…er…CHECK IT OUT!

Yearning to sink your mighty axe into a fiery primal’s lower thigh? Dreaming of plucking each and every silky plume from Garuda’s backside? But just can’t be bothered with the hassle of rounding up that ‘perfect’ party? Then let the duty finder do the dirty work, and spend the time you save engaging in the finer things…

…like macking on single Lalafells…

For those of you who just can’t get enough of these fandangled ‘moving pictures’ all the kids are talking about, GOOD NEWS! We’ll have a second video up later this week, just in time for the Beta Test. Huzzah!