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Greetings everyone!

Fernehalwes here!


It’s less than two weeks until the launch of the third phase of the beta test!!!!!!!1!!!11!1!


Yes, but you didn’t come here to watch me get all hot and bothered, you came here for deep-fried, juicy, golden-brown nuggets of exclusive info (with your choice of barbecue, honey mustard, or sweet and sour sauces). Well, my friends, dinner is served.

I bring to you tonight…World server names!

(crickets chirping…)

I know, I know. Server names aren’t quite as sexy as pics of…oh, let’s say…a new job, but still, it’s something, right?

(I’m not going to say that Yoshi-P’s hoarding all the cool stuff for E3, but Yoshi-P’s hoarding all the cool stuff for E3.)
And so, without further delay, your Beta 3 World names!
▼New Worlds (Enemies from FINAL FANTASY)

Group JP Group NA/EU
Atomos Adamantoise
Bahamut Behemoth
Chocobo Cactuar
Garuda Coeurl
Ifrit Diabolos
Mandragora Gilgamesh
Ramuh Goblin
Tiamat Leviathan
Titan Malboro
Tonberry Midgardsormr
Cerberus (EU)
Moogle (EU)
Odin (EU)
Shiva (EU)

▼Legacy Worlds (used for 1.0 data transfer)

Group JP Group NA/EU
Aegis (LEGACY) Balmung (LEGACY)
Durandal (LEGACY) Excalibur (LEGACY)
Gungnir (LEGACY) Hyperion (LEGACY)
Masamune (LEGACY) Sargatanas (LEGACY)
Ridill (LEGACY) Ragnarok (LEGACY/EU)

As you can see, servers are divided up into two groups: JP (recommended for Japan) and NA/EU (recommended for North America and Europe). Remember, just because a World is recommended for a certain region does NOT mean the World can only be joined by players from that region. The recommendations are based solely on the physical location of the World servers.

I personally pushed for a Fernehalwes server, but it was shot down because, unlike the cool kids Odin, Shiva, Bahamut, and the rest, I’ve not appeared in any FINAL FANTASY titles. We’ll have to do something about that…

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  1. Ahh Ridill is going to be a JP server ; ; I have a lot of friends on it…

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