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7 Aug 2016

FFXI Development Team Reddit AMA

Towards the tail end of July, the FFXI Development Team titans Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito stopped by Reddit to field some questions from the masses.
18 Jul 2016

Reddit FFXI Dev Team AMA

Join Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito on Reddit in the first-ever FINAL FANTASY XI development team AMA! We’re sure there are an overwhelming amount of burning questions from the community, and they’ll be doing their best to answer as many as they can. We’re eagerly awaiting your questions!  What An open Q&A session
11 Jul 2016

FFXI: The July Version Update Has Arrived

Last week, Square Enix rolled out the latest update to Final Fantasy XI. From Enjoy new enemies and rewards in combat and test your might against the latest Master Trial-there’s battle content for players of all skill levels! On the non-combat front, grab some new mounts and ride them in more areas, purchase the
7 Jun 2016

The June Version Update Has Arrived!

This week, the June version update went live for Final Fantasy XI. Included in the update are additions to Ambuscade battle content and rewards, chocobo and mount adjustments, and a new Seekers of Adoulin quest for players who have completed the expansion’s main story line and a bevy of previous achievements at the Celennia Memorial
18 May 2016

The May Version Update Has Arrived!

Last Week, the May version update went live for Final Fantasy XI, and along with the 14th anniversary celebrations comes several new changes. From Ambuscade has been updated with all-new foes and spoils on top of a new currency, Gallantry, for participating as a group. Furthermore, a reservation has been added on top of
16 May 2016

FINAL FANTASY XI Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary!

Today we celebrate fourteen years of FINAL FANTASY XI. The past year brought about a flurry of activity, particularly the implementation of FINAL FANTASY XI’s ultimate storyline, Rhapsodies of Vana’diel. More recently, PlayStation® 2 and Xbox 360® service terminated at the end of March. These and other landmarks were successfully passed because of the unwavering
2 May 2016

Check Out This Final Fantasy XI Virtual Reality Chat Room!

Anyone remember .hack//SIGN? It was an anime that hit the States back in the early 2000’s on Adult Swim that was set in the fictitious MMORPG, “The World”, a game that was conceptually ahead of our time utilizing virtual reality (VR) headsets in place of a standard screen. While we’re still years away from VR
27 Apr 2016

Final Fantasy XI Reboot- A First Look

This week at the Nexon Developers Conference, the first ever images of the new Final Fantasy Mobile game were shown and wound up on a Japanese blog, the images bearing the title, “Final Fantasy XI Reboot”. As many of you well remember, back in March 2015, Square Enix announced The Vana’Diel Project– a means to
24 Apr 2016

FFXI Linkshell Community Beta Conlcudes May 10

Unsurprisingly, after the sunsetting of the console support for Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has announced the conclusion of the Linkshell Community Beta website. From The FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta service will conclude on May 10, 2016. We would like to thank all those who have used this tool over the past
6 Apr 2016

The FFXI April Version Update Has Arrived!

The April update contains some significant new changes such as: New mounts! New battle content called Ambuscade Voidwatch participation requirements Changes to alter egos Mog wardrobe 2, and faster inventory loading times For all the details: read on!
4 Apr 2016

FFXI Director Mizuki Ito Has Left The Project

Today, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XI Director Mizuki Ito has stepped down from his position and left the project. As of April 1st, Associate Director Yoji Fujito has taken over. You can see the full statement from Ito, Fujito, and Matsui below or click here.
31 Mar 2016

It All Began With A Game And HDD Bundle

It all began with a stone or so the legend says. This story however isn’t about a legend, but a game that steered the direction of my entire life from the day I picked it up. No, this story began with a game and HDD bundle for the PlayStation 2.
30 Mar 2016

PS2 and XBox 360 Service Ending for Final Fantasy XI

Tomorrow morning service will end for Final Fantasy XI on PS2 and Xbox 360. Square Enix has made the client available for free for the Windows version. Today is the last day to transfer your data to the servers (such as macros and gearsets)! Up to date Windows system requirements have been posted here.
18 Mar 2016

April Version Update & Free Play Period

Final Fantasy XI’s story may have concluded, and by next month, the only place to play the game may be on Windows, but that hasn’t stopped Square Enix from moving forward by adding new content to the game! The next version update is scheduled for April, and includes mounts! While specific details haven’t been revealed,
25 Feb 2016

Final Fantasy XI Dropping Consoles March 31st

Square Enix has announced today that Final Fantasy XI will no longer run on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 as of March 31 at 6:00 AM PST. For those that are still playing on the consoles- firstly, good for you. You’re one of the few, and with as long as the game has been running,
10 Feb 2016

FFXI February Update Arrives with REM Upgrades!

From New Wanted targets have been added, the ability to further reforge relic, mystic, empyrean, and ergon weapons has been implemented, and there have been a variety of other adjustments and quality of life improvements! Read on for the full details!
22 Dec 2015

Pet Food Origins- Mega Elixir

June 5th, 2006- The first episode of the Final Fantasy XI podcast “Pet Food Alpha” is made available online. For many, this is their first exposure to the world of Final Fantasy XI podcasts. For some however, it was their second. Mega Elixir was the first Final Fantasy XI podcast hosted by The first
15 Dec 2015

A Word to All of Vana’diel’s Adventurers

An update on new content planned past April, 2016 from Producer Akihiko Matsui.
10 Dec 2015

Final Fantasy XI’s December Update Has Arrived

This month enjoy an expansion to Geas Fete, with an assortment of new notorious monsters to tackle. The remainder of the quest line to obtain aeonic weapons has been added, enabling to to wield some of the most fearsome arms to date! Those with an eye for fashion will enjoy some Unity-specific outfits, while the
16 Nov 2015

December Update Preview for FFXI

    While the storyline might have concluded, the Final Fantasy XI team has already revealed a preview of what’s coming in the next version update. From The next version update is scheduled for early December. Scheduled for the upcoming patch are further festivities in Geas Fete with powerful notorious monsters, and further steps