21 Jun 2019

Review: My Friend Pedro

We have bullet time, we have guns and explosives, we have fruit! You know what that means: it's time to strap on your gimp mask and reconnect with your imaginary friend from childhood, because there are criminals to take down.
20 Apr 2019

Review: Mechstermination Force

A Welcome Challenge Coming from publisher/developer Hörberg Productions we have Mechstermination Force, an action-platformer boss-rush title where the bosses are also the action-platforming sections of the game. It’s a lot of Contra mixed with Shadow of the Colossus. Fans of titles in a similar vein such as Furi, Cuphead, and to some extent Horizon Zero
16 Feb 2019

Review: JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword

I’ve played quite a few metroidvania games in my time, and in recent years we’ve been no stranger to spectacular indie productions of these titles. When another entry joins the fray, though, I’m more than happy to see it come.
6 Sep 2018

Review: 20XX

Tongue, Meet Cheek 20XX is a sarcasm-filled rogue-like parody of Mega Man that strokes all of your favorite memories of the series’ gameplay in fast chunks. There’s no real overall story to 20XX, but it’s got just enough going on to give you a reason to kill experimental robots over and over again. The game
14 Jun 2018

Review: Moonlighter

Stop, Drop, Shut ’em Down, Open Up Shop You find yourself exploring a dungeon to pick up wares for your shop, aptly named The Moonlighter, in the town of Rynoka. Playing as a merchant (named Will) we find ourselves in a world with heroes, merchants and ordinary townspeople who buy goods with their seemingly endless supplies
30 Apr 2018

Review: The Alliance Alive

 Something Nice and Fresh for the Fan of Old-School RPGs. The JRPG genre is alive and well. When I first started The Alliance Alive I’ll admit that fears crept up when I saw the setting we were starting with. My experience over recent years of JRPGs has been one filled with repetitive and flat story
6 Mar 2018

Review: Yume Nikki: Dream Diary

Retelling of an Indie Art Game Classic Yume Nikki: Dream Diary is a surrealist adventure game with some puzzle/mystery mechanics and an interesting visual style. Based off of the 2004 original Yume Nikki developed with RPG Maker as a hobbyist project by it’s elusive creator Kikiyama, this title is a total visual and mechanical re-imagining.
8 Feb 2018

Review: Ultimate Chicken Horse

Got a few friends? Good. You’ll need some where we’re going. At the very least take one, it’s dangerous to go alone. Ultimate Chicken Horse recently got a port for the PS4 and we had a look at what was in store. I got a few select folks together for a couple of nights fun
1 Oct 2017

Dev Tracker 10/1/17

Thread: Chain Strategem or Chain Stratagem? I assure you, this discrepancy was not part of some brilliant…stratagem, or chain thereof. Chain Stratagem it is and shall be across the board! Thanks for the heads up! Thread: Wolves and Weeds – possible dialogue error? Human? What human? I am sure that what that looter actually said
23 Sep 2017

Dev Tracker 9/23/17

  Thread: [Request] Please Suspend Housing Demolition for NA FFXIV Producer and Director Yoshi-P here. It warms our hearts to see such an outpouring of support for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma in recent days. The thoughts and prayers of all of us on the FFXIV development and operations teams are with the
2 Sep 2017

Dev Tracker 9/2/17

  Thread: Near Future Changes for PvP Greetings, Thanks for all the continued feedback! We’ve received some reports and feedback about action lag in PvP content, and would like to share an update with you. The dev. team has identified an issue where some of the attack actions do not hit the opponent due to communication
25 Aug 2017

Dev Tracker 8/25/17

Thread: Near Future Changes for PVP Greetings, Thanks for the questions and feedback regarding PvP content, balancing and features in Stormblood. We’ve gathered your thoughts and inquiries and have forwarded them to the dev. team! While we’re unable to answer all of your questions currently, we do want to let you know that one of