Dev Tracker 9/23/17

23 Sep 2017


Thread: [Request] Please Suspend Housing Demolition for NA

FFXIV Producer and Director Yoshi-P here.

It warms our hearts to see such an outpouring of support for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma in recent days. The thoughts and prayers of all of us on the FFXIV development and operations teams are with the people of Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and the other areas affected by these terrible storms.

Many of you have requested that we suspend estate auto-demolition, as players in these regions may have difficulty logging in at this time. The team understands this, and so we have decided to suspend auto-demolition temporarily.

Commencement of Auto-Demolition Grace Period: September 15, 2017
Duration: 14 days (tentative)

At the end of this two week period, we will determine whether or not it is necessary to extend the grace period, and inform you all of our decision.

Furthermore, as more detailed information regarding the situation on the ground in these regions becomes available, we will continue to discuss internally what other ways we may be able to ease the burden on those affected.

We pray that the recovery efforts go smoothly, and that those of you who were affected will be able to join us again in Eorzea soon.

Thread: Thank You For the Feast Ticket System

Hello, everyone!

We recently shared some new details during the recent Adrenaline Rush TV stream in Japan, so I’d like to let you all in on this new information!
Before season 5 kicked off, we showed off the amazing prizes via the Developers’ Blog!

In regard to the weapons mentioned in the post, the top 10 winners in Season 5 of the Feast will receive special tokens based on their ranking plus an additional 10 tokens for a guaranteed weapon!

Here is the breakdown of how many tokens you will receive based on ranking within the Feast:

  • Diamond: 7 tokens
  • Platinum: 6 tokens
  • Gold: 5 tokens
  • Silver: 4 tokens
  • Bronze: 3 tokens

So if you are at the Diamond rank and have also claimed one of the top 10 spots, you will be rewarded with a grand total of 17 tokens~!!

Now, I wish we could preview ALL the weapons, but I think showing this one off (if you missed it) wouldn’t hurt… Check it out in all its glory!

That’s also the armor that the top 100 players will receive in Season 5 as well! 

Keep up the fight, fellow adventurers!
Who knows, you might be the competitor who reaches the number one spot to obtain this trophy (rewarded to one person per data center)!

Thread: Announcing the Winners of The Rising Twitter Contest! (EU)

Greetings everyone!

We are pleased to announce the winners of The Rising Twitter Contest.