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1 Dec 2011

Version Update Coming Up!

The forthcoming version update is scheduled to shimmy down the chimneys of good boys and girls in the middle of December.While the level cap increase to 99 may be the most widely discussed implementation, that's not the only thing happening in Vana'die...
11 Jul 2011

The July Version Update Hath Come!

While this latest version update may be small in size, it’s big on improvements, introducing multitudinous job adjustments, battle system refinements, and other revisions that upgrade the quality of Vana’dielian living! Teleport over to the forums to peruse the particulars before you download.
9 Jun 2011

Version Update Announcement

The next version update for FINAL FANTASY XI is currently on track for a mid-July release!<br><br>This update will focus primarily on job adjustments. Refinements to Voidwatch and other content, and usability improvements are also in the works.<br><br>Further details will be announced in the Updates section of the official forums as they become available, so stay tuned!
31 May 2011

Abyssea Congestion Fixes

As part of an ongoing effort to alleviate congestion in Abyssea areas, an update will be performed on Monday, June 6.View the complete list of changes.*Specific details, including the time of the update, will be announced via an Information post in the...