Abyssea Congestion Fixes

[dev1015] Abyssea Update Scheduled for June 6
As part of a continuing effort to alleviate congestion in Abyssea areas, an update will be performed on Monday, June 6 incorporating the following refinements:

  • Sturdy pyxides in Abyssea areas will appear in significantly greater quantities.
  • Players will be given the option to manually destroy any sturdy pyxis.
    *When exercising this option, the destroying player will receive a cruor reward proportional to the rank of the pyxis.
  • The name of the player who successfully struck a fiend’s weakness will be displayed in the message log.
  • When performing atma infusions, players will be able to view and select from a list of their twelve most recently infused atma.
    *When selecting from this list, players will be able to infuse two or three atma at once.
    *This feature will function independently of the “Reinfuse previous atma set” option. (Atma selected from the list will not overwrite the previous atma set, nor will atma infused via “Reinfuse…” be stored in the list.)