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7 Mar 2012

New Instanced Raid- Cutter’s Cry

Patch 1.21 will add two new instanced raids. This Topics update takes a look at one of them, Cutter's Cry. Read on to learn more about the eponymous cavern and the dread monster that lurks within.
21 Jul 2011

Patch 1.18 Notes

Patch 1.18 is live and chock-full of exciting changes including instanced raids, auto-attack, guildleve adjustments, enmity updates, and more! View a detailed outline. * All placements of retainers will be reset with the release of patch 1.18.If yo...
20 Jul 2011

Exclusive Interview With Naoki Yoshida: 1.18 And Beyond!

Recently we got a chance to shoot some questions over to Naoki Yoshida! We ask about some of the content coming up this week in Patch 1.18 and we also get a few juicy bits of information regarding Patch 1.19 and 1.20. Airships and Hamlet content is coming! Check out our exclusive interview after the
13 Jul 2011

The Community Teams Interview Yoshida In Japan!

Youmukon and Rukkirii from the Community Team had some time during their recent trip to Japan to interview Naoki Yoshida! The interview asks some interesting personal questions as well as asks about the process of developing new content. Check out the full interview after the break!
11 Jul 2011

Grand Companies of Eorzea Page Updated!

News Flash: Disaster at the Darkhold The official Grand Companies of Eorzea page has been updated with information on instanced raids! The Mythril Eye, Ul’dah’s premier financial paper, has issued an emergency bulletin reporting on the crisi...
20 Jun 2011

Instanced Raids Unveiled!

As has been previously announced, 1.18 will usher in new battle content in the form of instanced raid areas—forsaken domains wherein parties attempt to cut a path through hoards of fell foes. Read on to learn about the two areas set to host exh...