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30 Aug 2011

Abolition of Physical Levels / Attribute Point Revisions / Battle Regimens

The following thread located under “Updates” in the Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Forums has been updated: [dev1072] Abolition of Physical Levels / Attribute Point Revisions Proceed to the thread.
26 Aug 2011

Changes to the Battle System

The following threads located under “Updates” in the Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Forums have been updated: [dev1026] Changes to Claiming and Engaging Enemies [dev1131] The Enemy Link System [dev1132] Addition and Adjustments to Bonuses on Expe...
14 Jun 2011

Letter from the Producer, XI

Hello again, all fans of FINAL FANTASY XIV! June has arrived at the speed of light, bringing with it warmer days. But outside isn’t the only place...
29 May 2011

Battle system Q&A

A two-part Q&A has been posted on the Final Fantasy XIV forums covering the upcoming changes to the battle system. The posts originated in the Japanese section of the forums, however the questions answered are not region specific and were compiled from all parts of the community. Check out parts one and two of the
19 May 2011

Akihiko Matsui on: Battle Reform Blueprint

The post that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Final Fantasy XIV Battle Designer Akihiko Matsui has posted information regarding the changes that will be coming to the battle system starting with patch 1.18. Among the items on the list are mentions of auto attack, the job system, changes for enmity viewing and
14 Sep 2010

Eorzea Prelive Wrap-Up!

Now that the Ebisu event is over, a report has been posted on the site for the event detailing everything that was discussed. You can find a summary of the information posted as well as an additional piece of information from the event about special craft projects after the jump! You can read the full
21 Aug 2009

Famitsu: Interview with Hiromichi Tanaka

A longer interview was conducted at gamescom by Famitsu with Hiromichi Tanaka. Tanaka showed off the alpha build while answering questions, giving us hints as to how guildleves work as well as more information about the battle system. At the end, he talks about how he thinks game testing will proceed and his thoughts on