17 Apr 2012

Market Area Improvements

A new thread has been started in the Updates section of the official forums. The title of the thread is as follows: [dev1359] Market Area Improvements Proceed to the thread.
31 Jan 2012

1.20c Patch Notes

Patch 1.20c has gone live, ushering in expanded item search features and a number of bug fixes. View all of the official particulars.
8 Dec 2011

Additional Market Features

The following thread located under “Updates” in the Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Forums has been updated: [dev1251] Additional Market Features Proceed to the thread.
15 Apr 2011

The New Version Update Draws Nigh

The next update to FINAL FANTASY XI will be released on Tuesday, May 10.The update will introduce new battlefields as well as an original battle system called Voidwatch, which will target high-level adventurers. As part of our ongoing effort to revital...
18 Dec 2010

Suggestion Box: The Great Retainer Fix

With a new development team stepping in to fix/tweak/overhaul FFXIV, we here at Eorzeapedia want to help – and we’re inviting the community to help –  by picking something that needs fixing, and proposing a concrete solution.  Need help brainstorming?  Forum member Sorel has cataloged what Square Enix has already indicated is on their to-do
22 Oct 2010

To Auction-House or not to Auction House. That is the question.

We received a number of responses to our Editorial on the Auction House, both on the forums and as Op-Ed submissions. There are those that agree, those that disagree, and those that don’t really know what they think. A few community members submitted Op-Eds  showing that they have given this topic a lot of thought
6 Oct 2010

Dude! Where’s My Auction House?

So, I’ve been trying to give things a chance, especially with the Market Wards.  Many things in FINAL FANTASY XIV were done right, or have a great foundation and starting point for great things to come. Market Wards is not one of them.  Simply put, entering a Market Ward is a nightmare.  It is impossible