1.20c Patch Notes

Patch 1.20c has gone live, ushering in expanded item search features and a number of bug fixes.

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  • [dev1300] The item search feature now allows players to distinguish HQ and materia-enhanced items.

    Search results will now display HQ designations and the number of materia attached to an item. Further details such as materia type and attributes can be viewed by placing the cursor over the item.
    * The difference in attributes between equipped gear and examined gear will not be displayed.

Resolved Issues

  • The following known issues have been addressed:
    • An issue wherein the BGM for the Good King Moggle Mog XII battle occasionally did not play back as intended.
    • An issue wherein the synthesis ability Hasty Hand was being displayed in a fixed position.

Known Issues

  • An issue with the item search function wherein help text for a piece of materia would show its lowest rather than actual attribute values.
  • An issue with the item search function wherein materia values for gear with more than one of the same materia are displayed independently rather than totaled.