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Market Area Improvements

17 Apr 2012

A new thread has been started in the Updates section of the official forums. The title of the thread is as follows:

[dev1359] Market Area Improvements

Proceed to the thread.

* The following adjustments, scheduled for patch 1.22, are in development and subject to change.

  • Patch 1.22 will introduce a number of improvements to market areas.
    • The following locations will be added to each city’s market area:
      • Limsa Lominsa Mercantile House
      • Gridania Mercantile House
      • Ul’dah Mercantile House

      In addition, the current item search feature will be moved to the locations mentioned above, and will take place through designated NPCs. This change will allow players to directly purchase items from any city’s market area. For example, a player in Gridania would be able to search for and purchase items from the Ul’dah market area by speaking with an NPC in the Ul’dah Mercantile House.

    • “Market Guide” NPCs will be added:

      In addition to using the existing market area entrances, players will be able to speak with “market guides” around town to travel directly to each Mercantile House.

    • It will now be possible to search retainer wares by typing item names into the search field.
      * Search results will show all items that start with the entered term.

To hold a discussion and/or submit feedbacks on this topic, please use “dev1359” as a tag.