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21 May 2013

Gamer Escape News – The Week of 05/19/13

On this weeks show: It’s been a busy few weeks for EA, they’ve announced they will not develop for the Wii-U, discontinuing their online pass system and refusing to pay royalties to gun manufactures for their use of real guns in their games. On the cusp of Microsoft’s next console launch we get a few
7 May 2013

Gamer Escape News – May 5th 2013

It’s Gamer Escape News now with game reviews! On this weeks show Watch Dogs gets a release date, Retro studios teases a grand June announcement, Will Wright share his thought on the SimCity 2013 release, EA takes the reigns as publishers of Star Wars games and there’s a really important bug in Dragon’s Dogma that
30 Apr 2013

Gamer Escape News Episode 01

Nate aka Aniero takes you through the latest in gaming headlines. On this show: layoffs at EA, no Nintendo at E3 2013, new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ratchet & Clank get a movie, countdown to the next Xbox, and get scared with The Evil Within. This is our first episode, so make
17 Oct 2011

Aetheryte Radio 20: TWO POINT OH!

Join Fusionx, Aniero, Steak and Chinchilla as they discuss the massive bombshell that was dropped on the Final Fantasy XIV community in the form of the XIV 2.0! Massive permanent changes are coming to Eorzea, what part will you play in XIV’s history? Remember we have a new email address for you to send your
1 Jul 2011

Aetheryte Radio 17: Return!

Aetheryte Radio returns! Join Fusionx, Aniero and guests Juxtaposition and Maxx-V as they discuss the mountain of proposed changes that await Final Fantasy XIV players in patches 1.18 and beyond. They talk about auto-attack implementations, the Materia system, introduction of jobs, and more. The cast also discusses changes to the Aetheryte Radio Network shows and
26 Jun 2011

Dev Tracker For The Week of 6/19/11

This week we’ve heard some news about the 2010 FFXI census, the possibility of expanding where chocobos can be rented, monster redistribution in older zones, and maybe just maybe finally we might see The Colosseum implemented. We’re looking for volunteers to do a weekly recap of the posts that appear up on the Dev Tracker
17 Jun 2011

Dev Tracker For The Week of 6/12/11

We’ve been recovering and trying to get information out from E3, the Dev Tracker posts took a week off. But we’re back and we’ve got some info collected from the forums including some new icons, a new category for Abyssea key items, and some explanations about Voidwatch spoils and some codered adjustments to Abyssea NMs.
10 Jun 2011

AUDIO: E3 2011 Day 3 Wrap Up

It’s our final day of coverage of E3 2011 and we check in one last time with Ganiman, Gahoo and Fusionx to see what they experienced on their last day of the convention. We talk a little more about the Wii U, discuss hands on with Witcher 2, Tera Online, Little Big Planet and the
9 Jun 2011

AUDIO: E3 2011 Day 2 Wrap Up

As our E3 coverage marches on we check in once again with Ganiman, Gahoo and Fusionx out in LA and get their take on what’s on the floor at this years convention. Yesterday we saw what Square-Enix had to offer, today we hear about a Wakfu demonstration, Batman: Gotham City Imposters, Inversion, Dragon’s Dogma, Dragon
8 Jun 2011

AUDIO: 2011 E3 Day 1 Wrap Up

E3 is an exciting time and Gamer Escape has boots on the ground out in Los Angeles, California, bringing you all the latest news about games that you care about. Last night, we were able to check in with members of our staff out at E3, Ganiman, Gahoo and Fusionx, and get news about all
8 Jun 2011

Hitman: Absolution E3 2011 Trailer

The trailer for Hitman: Absolution is here! Hitman is gaining a lot of buzz around this years E3, so make sure to check it out!
7 Jun 2011

LIVE Streaming E3 Coverage!

Join us for Gamer Escape Radio’s LIVE E3 coverage. We have Gamer Escape staff on the E3 floor and coverage of all the major press conferences. Check out E3 2011 coverage at our E3 Live page from Gamer Escape!
7 Jan 2010

Voices of Vana’diel – Episode 1.5

Kicking off the New Year for the Limit Break Radio Network, it’s episode 1.5 of Voices of Vana’diel! Today, we get an introduction to our heroes and watch as they begin their quest for fame… riches… and a parrot?! It’s opening night and the curtain is going up. Get your popcorn and grab a soda;