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Dev Tracker For The Week of 6/19/11

26 Jun 2011

This week we’ve heard some news about the 2010 FFXI census, the possibility of expanding where chocobos can be rented, monster redistribution in older zones, and maybe just maybe finally we might see The Colosseum implemented.

We’re looking for volunteers to do a weekly recap of the posts that appear up on the Dev Tracker on the official Final Fantasy XI forums. Any experience with audio is a plus. Our wish is to have a quick, weekly news recap (Topics and Dev Tracker) to have played on Gamer Escape Radio. If you are interested in volunteering please throw an email to [email protected] listing any experience you have with the topics mentioned above.

Check out the full list of posts after the jump!

2010 Census

Have no fear! The census shall be coming soon!

Earrings and the Porter Moogle

You will all be happy to know that testing/verification is underway to implement storage via the Porter Moogle for Empyrean earrings. This will be added in the upcoming version update.

Any plans to readjust monster distribution in old zones?

The author of the original post on the official Final Fantasy XI forums, Francisco, made several very good suggestions about mob distribution in, specifically, Fei’Yin, Ranguemont Pass, and Garlaige Citadel. Some other good suggestions have popped up in reply’s to this thread. Here’s Square-Enix’s response:

Howdy all!

Thanks for all the specific suggestions on placement changes and what not. Just so you know, the development team is planning to look into adjusting the placements of monsters and this information is just what they needed! I will pass it on to them If you have any other concerns regarding monster placement, please feel free to continue leave your feedback.

One minor change that would make FoV, GoV, and Dom Ops AWESOME

In the original post a request was made to make Fields of Valor, Grounds of Valor and Dominion Ops automatically repeatable by asking the player if they would like to repeat the quest upon completion.

Brought this up with the head honchos on the dev. team in charge of this. System wise there are a lot of elements that would have to be considered in order to display a window and manually select to repeat a page, so keep in mind that this would be difficult to implement right away.

For Fields/Grounds of Valor it’s most likely possible to have a method where you could automatically repeat a selected page. How does this sound? Please understand that this is something we’re considering and not a guarantee at this time.

Dominion OPs on the other hand are a completely different system and we wouldn’t be able to do the exact same thing. Unlike the above, implementing this would be pretty difficult.

Making Instant Warp scrolls stackable to 12…

Sorry, but there are no plans to make instant warp scrolls stackable.

Please get around to implementing the Colosseum, or tell us what it was going to be.

I bugged and bugged…and bugged, but I was stonewalled. All the lead dev did was smile devilishly and said that it’s a secret. What could it be?

Add chocobos to Selbina, Mhuara, Tavnazia Safehold, more Outpost Teleport NPCs

We talked to the head honcho of chocobos and he said that it’s likely something will be done in Selbina and Mhaura. Unfortunately, since Tavnazia is an area that wasn’t meant for chocobo travel, implementing chocobos there would be a bit rough when taking zone changes into consideration, but he said he will try and research this a bit more.

Any plans for new mounted methods of transportation beyond Chocobos?

Unfortunately we do not have any plans at the moment to introduce any crazy new mount systems, though maybe…juuuust maybe if it’s something like a raptor….

Hold on to your butts!