Dev Tracker For The Week of 6/12/11

We’ve been recovering and trying to get information out from E3, the Dev Tracker posts took a week off. But we’re back and we’ve got some info collected from the forums including some new icons, a new category for Abyssea key items, and some explanations about Voidwatch spoils and some codered adjustments to Abyssea NMs.

We’re also looking for volunteers to do a weekly recap of the posts that appear up on the Dev Tracker (AKA Dev Tracker posts). We’re also looking for someone with some experience in audio. Our wish is to have a quick, weekly news recap (Topics and Dev Tracker) to have played on Gamer Escape Radio. If you are interested in volunteering please throw an email to [email protected] listing any experience you have with the topics mentioned above.

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High-res font = yay; Now, how about the title screen?


While I can’t give a comment about your request for resolution improvements on the title screen (though I did pass on the info to the dev team ), we are planning to enhance the resolution on icons in the next version update.

So without further ado…I give you…the new icons of Vana’diel!:




LFP Flag


Extending “Ease of Exploration” to Kazham, Norg, Rabao, etc.

After talking to the lead developer about this, he mentioned that he would look into it; however, since this is only one of many possible effects from the mog tablets’ super kupowers, implementing the requested cities might be a bit iffy.

[dev1007] Voidwatch: Obtaining Spoils (Spoil distribution issues)

Since the voidwatch reward system was set up so that each player could receive their own individual rewards, we have no plans to add a feature that allows you to place the rewards into the treasure pool.

To be a bit more specific, this system is different than the original treasure system so that no matter how many players you have participating in a voidwatch battle, as long as you succeed, you will always be able to receive something as compensation.

[To the Devs] Any plans on upgrading linkshells to Guilds with special guild skills?

Linkshells were originally created to be a means of communication that you can participate in and equip easily. The development team does not have any intention to create a guild-related system.

Temp Key Items – Tabs

*psst* Hello there,

I’m bringing you some top secret info. While spying through the dev team’s office, an unexpected image caught my eye and I took a pic of it.

Here’s what I found…

This image will not self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck!


At the moment, the development team does not have any plans of expanding the size of gobbiebags past the current 80 item limit. There is, however, a possibility that they will be looking into improving the convenience of existing content in the future, but as many people have already pointed out, please try and explore all the conveniences of the current inventory/storage systems in place.

[dev1015] Still no Abyssea VNM adjustments still a major point of congestion

Sorry for the late response on this topic! I know there have been quite a few threads about this, but we got a chance to speak to the development team and they provided some feedback.

Currently the development team is looking into making adjustments to the rate in which the demilune abyssite changes color (no plans to make these adjustments to VNMs outside of Abyssea). However, they currently have no plans of increasing the number of VNM spawns. Since the degree of difficulty between Empyrean Weapon related monsters and VNMs is so different, even if we simply increase the amount of VNM spawns like we increased the amount of “???,” the results of the adjustments will not be the same. To be a bit more concrete, for Empyrean +2 items and Empyrean weapons you need to spend time gathering multiple trigger or key items and likewise for VNMs you need to spend time changing the abyssite.


All you hardcore pankration-ers will be happy to hear that we received word from the lead saying he would like to make adjustments to the system as well as add new ways of playing and rewards. However, it will be a little while before we implement anything.

Brown Casket Peeking?

For content like Abyssea where there are time limitations, we decided to implement the option to peek-inside so you could choose whether or not you want to spend the time opening it. For Treasure Caskets that are not connected to time-limited content, we would like to leave it as is and have you feel the sense of anticipation of opening the chest without knowing what’s inside. However, we are thinking that it might be necessary to add an option to get rid of chests, so we will be looking into this while we monitor the situation.