Voidwatch Refinements

The Voidwatch battle system is set to receive the following adjustments in the next version update:

  • When obtaining voidstones, players will be given the option to receive only a single stone at once.
  • New vendor NPCs will be added to furnish players with ascent items and voiddust.
    • Items will be obtainable in exchange for Campaign Points, Imperial Standing, or Allied Notes.
    • Multiple ascent items may be obtained at once.
    • These NPCs will take over the role formerly served by guards, Imperial gate guards, and Allied Forces guards, who will no longer exchange items.
  • Voiddust will be added to treasure caskets in Grounds of Valor areas.
  • The names of players who successfully strike enemy weaknesses will be displayed in the log window.
  • A new alignment bonus will be added that will grant players who inflict damage on a weakened enemy a full-spectrum alignment boost based upon the percentage of the monster’s HP depleted.
  • A minor full-spectrum alignment bonus will be granted to players based upon their Treasure Hunter effect level.