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6 Jan 2012

FFXIV: A Sneak Peek Inside Job Weapon Skills (Monk & Warrior)

Recently, Square Enix posted two (unlisted) videos previewing new weapon skills for upcoming Monk and Warrior jobs.  So without further ado, here they are…  join the discussion and let us know what do you think! Monk: Warrior:
30 Nov 2011

New Weapon Skills

The following thread in the Updates section of the official forums has been updated with new information:[dev1049] New Weapon SkillsProceed to the thread.
29 Nov 2011

Video Preview of New Weapon Skills!

A full set of fourteen new weapon skills are scheduled to go live in the next test server update, and today we've brought you a sneak peek at five of them.Take a look, then try them out for yourself on the test server later this week!Check out the vide...
11 Nov 2011

Class Reforms

A new thread has been started in the Updates section of the official forums. The title of the thread is as follows: [dev1206] Class Reforms Proceed to the thread.