New Weapon Skills

[dev1049] New weapon skills

*This content was added to the Test Server on November 30.

*The following content is still in development. Specific details may differ from the release version.

  • A new “Weapon Skill” category will be added to the merit point menu.
    • Maximum total value: 15
    • Upgrade levels: 5
    • Merit points needed for each upgrade: 10/15/20/25/30
  • To unlock these merit point weapon skills and the corresponding menu, players must first complete a quest offered by the Nomad Moogle NPC in Ru’Lude Gardens.
    *To undertake this quest, the player’s main job must be level 96 or higher.
    *On the test server, the merit point weapon skill menu will be accessible from the start, with no need to complete the aforementioned quest.
  • Each individual weapon skill may be learned by assigning at least one merit point to it.
  • Additional merit points allocated to a particular skill will incrementally enhance its power.
  • The following conditions must be met to use a skill after learning it:
    • The PC’s main job must be eligible for the skill in question (see chart below).
    • Job level must be 96 or higher.
    • The corresponding weapon skill attribute must be 357 or higher.
Weapon Skill Category Jobs
Shijin Spiral Hand-to-Hand MNK/PUP
Resolution Great Sword WAR/PLD/DRK
Ruinator Axe WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Upheaval Great Axe WAR/DRK
Entropy Scythe WAR/DRK/BST
Stardiver Polearm WAR/SAM/DRG
Blade: Shun Katana NIN
Tachi: Shoha Great Katana SAM
Apex Arrow Archery RNG/SAM
Last Stand Marksmanship THF/RNG/COR