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Patch 0.309: Hotfix Deployed

27 Oct 2011

This morning we deployed a hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within WAKFU Content Update 0.309: “Sandy Shield & Sunny Snapper.” Here is a list of the changes that were made.


The last patch introduced an issue that unfortunately resulted in the loss of bags, items and display cases for many players. While it is impossible to return the lost objects, the starting bag will be re-issued and all affected users will be given a compensation gift. In addition, as a measure to prevent the situation from happening again, a safety feature has been added to prevent storage bags and display cases from being destroyed if they contain an item that has been removed from the database.

We sincerely apologize for the large inconvenience that was caused, and appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Bug Fixes

  • Incarnam Gobball seeds can no longer be trampled on.
  • Incarnastrub-Sufokia Gobballs can no longer be harvested from.
  • Reward icons no longer duplicate upon opening a chest.
  • The Archivist of each nation now offers a unique dialogue to re-issue a passport that has gone missing.
  • Added missing loading screens to several Dragoturkeys.
  • Added missing loading screens to several Canoons.
  • Reviewed Wakfu-source minerals.
  • Corrected the spelling of certain receptacles.
  • Teleport particle effects no longer duplicate when going through customs.
  • Canoon travel to Sufokia is now enabled.
  • The South-West customs gate of “Gutted Plaza” now bars non-Sufokian residents from entering.
  • Sufokia Tavern stools now work correctly.
  • A campfire was relocated near Sufokia’s headquarters.
  • A streetlamp has been replaced in Sufokiastrub.
  • Iop: “Authority” spell gives “Power” state and orientates the target to face the Iop (Iop always receives applause at 5%).
  • Sacrier: Damage has been decreased for “Tattracting Fist”.
  • Sacrier: Damage has been decreased for “Punishment” when life is lower than that of the enemy.
  • Feca: Particle effect for the “Drip” spell has been redone.
  • Final filter icons for the Auction Houses interface has been integrated.
  • Selling tax now correctly applies in the Market Mode of the Haven Bag.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now work as intended within Market Places.
  • The male Feca now has a standard default skin color at character creation.
  • Server error correction that rendered drops as false.
  • Fix of the Rascalry critical effect.
  • The status icon for the generic state of managing the plates isn’t displayed on top of the player’s head that receives an armor anymore.
  • The particle system and timing have been finalized on the Feca spells.
  • Abilities have been reset.

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