Patch 0.308: A Sugary Explosion

Today, play as the Rogue and Pandawa in WAKFU the MMORPG while exploring the nation Brakmar! But alas, other surprises await you, too, such as Wilderness or the Stoodeep Mines… what secrets do they hold?

Discover all that Content Update 0.308 has to over in this “sugary explosion!”



  • The nation of Brakmar declares that it is now ready to recruit its first citizens! Discover a nation filled of molten metal and rich iron ore while indulging on the wonderful scents of sulfur and enjoying the company of… distinctive… Clan Members.
  • Unique new monsters can be found while traversing Brakmar’s sulfuric grounds: Striches, Bellaphones, and Scaraleafs.




  • A new Conquerable Island has been spotted on the horizon! The Wild Estates, controlled by the all mighty Gobbsage, can now be seized in the name of our country!
  • 51 new pieces of equipment, of orange quality (Dofus Relics) can be dropped by the Wild Gobballs.



  • The maximum level of the Shushu dungeon has been increased.
  • In order to give more appeal to the dungeons, all the bosses now drops an item at the end.




  • New mining tunnels have been discovered. Accessible from all 3 nations, the Stoodeep Mines have a particularity to be explored by adventurers of the World of Twelve.
  • Armed with bonbombs of varying sizes, adventurers are able to crack, or explode, blocks of the rock in order to access veins which contain minerals, abandoned crafting stations, and many more surprises.
  • Beware, exploration of these mines are not without risk! As the old saying goes, play with fire and you may get burned! Who knows what creatures make the mines their lair, awakened violently by excavation explosives – that is, if you don’t blow yourself to smithereens first!




  • Cost of all Abilities and Specialties (including non-class specific) have been reviewed.
  • Ability and Specialty Points has been reset; re-allocate wisely!



  • Class has been added to the game. For related information, please see the Dev Blog.



  • Class has been added to the game. For related information, please see the Dev Blog.



  • Blazing Arrow: Damage has been decreased.
  • Storm Arrow: Applies the “Storm” state to one of its target. When this target is hit again by an Air Arrow, the target will issue damage in a cross pattern around itself.
  • Blinding Arrow: Percentage of applying “Blindness” state on a Critical Hit as been changed to 50% from 100%.
  • Lashing Arrow: Hit points have been increased.
  • Mechanism: Beacon’s Health Point bonus has been decreased.
  • Unbeacon: Line of Sight requirement has been removed from the first level.
  • Ranged Critical Hit boost can no longer exceed +50%.



  • Purge: Can no longer appear on an adjacent cell during combat to avoid possible inconsistencies.



  • Rocknoceros: “Ringing” state is applied instead of “Quake” state; range cannot be boosted.
  • Impact: Cost has been increased to 3 AP; range cannot be boosted.
  • Charge: Cast can only be made on an empty cell.
  • Devastate: “Bound” state applied instead of “Stunned” state.
  • Thunderbolt: “Scalded” state is now applied.
  • Judgment: “Blindness” state is now applied.
  • Celestial Sword: Damage has been decreased; MP cost has been removed; “Flaming” state is applied.
  • Iop’s Wrath: Costs modified to 6 AP and 2 WP; effect zone changed to a circle formation with a radius of 2 cells (formerly a 1-cell cross).
  • Flurry: Slight boost applied to the next Air spell used by the Iop.
  • Gutting Gust: Use has been limited to once per target, per turn.
  • Authority: The enemy is forced to face the Iop; Iop’s damage is boosted.
  • Defensive Stance: Cost has been decreased from 4 AP to 3 AP.



  • Angrrr loss at the end of each turn has been reduced to 6 from 7.
  • Blood Rush: Damage to target has been increased.
  • Cage of Blood: “Akward” state is applied.
  • Bloodthirsty Fury: Health Point loss to the Sacrier has been decreased.
  • Punishment: Increase of the Damage increased on already severely injured targets.
  • Sacrier’s Fist: Range has been modified to 3-3 but evolves with the level of the spell.
  • Rocky Foot, Crackrock blow and Lethal Slingshot: Damage has been localized and can now benefit from side or back bonus damage.
  • Rocky Foot: Angrrr cost has been reduced; Angrrr gives a higher boost; “Akward” state is applied.
  • Crackrock Blow: Angrrr cost reduced to 25 points. If Angrrr is below 35, it will apply the “Mangy”” state to the Sacrier.
  • Lethal Slingshot: Angrrr cost has been modified to 5 in order to increase range.
  • Smasher: “Akward” state has been removed; converts Angrrr into damage.
  • Death sentence: Angrrr gives a power bonus at the casting of the spell.
  • Motion Sickness: Applies the “Akward” state once a target moves.
  • Sacrifice: Now applies a stackable state of several levels. Every time Sacrifice is triggered, it will lose a level.
  • Moribund: Bonuses applied under 30 and 15% of the Sacrier’s life, formerly of 20 and 10.



  • Sudden Chill: Transmitted by a doll, it now dissipates upon the doll’s next turn.
  • Last Demotivation*: AP lost from the doll now works as intended.
  • Dolls no longer stack Air spell effects used to transform them.
  • The Doll spell boosts the health points of the summoned dolls by 10% per specialty level instead of 20%.



  • Timekeeper: Initiative bonus now lasts for 1 turn, as originally intended.




  • An icon has been added to signal an invalid cell upon casting.
  • The combat circle under a previously mummified unconscious character is correctly removed at the end of combat.
  • Calculation of the rounded off damage is now made after the application of all modifications and no longer determined off the based value.
  • Penalty given by water type combat bubbles now last 1 turn instead of 2.
  • Hoodlum Hermania Grunger now speaks while in combat and in dungeons.



  • Placement distribution of the following creatures have been reviewed: Gobballs, Field Plants, Tofus, Blibli , Puddly, Ghastoolate, Moogrrs, Prespics.
  • Taurs can be seen during the in day time in the Singing Fields and Cania Fields.
  • Rats now appear throughout the night in the beginners zones of the 3 islands.
  • Larva appear at night in Mourning Wood, Kara and the Fertile Prairie.
  • Mysterious figures known as Scythescraper and Tombola Stone now lurk every night on the Merchant Bridges. Rumor has it that they’ve even been sighed as far as Mourning Wood, Kara and Fertile Prairie.
  • Not only have the Hoodlums been seen in more places, but more frequently, too! And some of them like to walk around alone too.
  • The Ghostof monsters just arrived! There is now Ghostof Gobballs, tofus, Blibli,  Field plants and Scaraleaf. These monsters are the ghostly version of their living deceased counterpart, and only appear when there are too many dead monsters in the beginner zones. The Ghostof monsters drop fewer items and reward less XP: They are the result of the unhappiness of the ecosystem.
  • Moogrr family balancing:
    • HP has been decreased for the Moogrroon and the Moogrr.
    • WP has been decrease for the Moogrr.
    • AI behaviour change for the Moogrr.
    • Spell added for the Moogrroon, which will allow him to heal himself with a Moorgrr.
    • Rumination now costs WP, preventing infinite healing by a Moogrr.
    • Mooflycation spell added for the Moogrr, enabling it to summon a Moofly.
  • Drheller family balancing:
    • The Drheller and the Young Drheller cannot use the spell “burying” unless allies are still in combat.
    • “Buried“ state damage penalty has been increased.
    • AI behavior modification of the domesticated Drhellers.
    • Characteristics of the Drhellers and the domesticated Drhellers have been reviewed and have had their defense drop rate increased.
  • Field Plant family balancing:
    • Review of the Dandy Lion’s characteristics: MP has been increased, HP and Earth bonus.
  • Polter balancing:
    • Polters are now less powerful but more tactical.
    • Polters now differ from each other: a fast profile, a power profile and a resistant profile can now be found.
    • Polters‘ range is increased.
  • Boo balancing:
    • MP loss by little Boos has changed to the “Bound” state instead.
  • Crobak balancing:
    • Unlucky Crobeak has had its Critical Hit power increased.
    • Hindercryno longer applies the “Lead Legs” state but instead the “Bound” state while also gaining an extra effect in the case of Critical Hits.
    • Feathered Wind is less powerful but gains an effect in the case of a Critical Hit. Casting can now only happen one-time per target, per turn.
    • Corbiks and Crobaks now gain a Critical Hit bonus.
    • Crobak’s HP has been reduced.
  • Amphibian balancing:
    • Sourpuss Toad has had its extra bonuses decreased.
    • Oafish Toad’s spell “Toad’s Leap” can only be cased if its health is below 30%.
  • Larva Balancing:
    • Augmentation de la puissance des Larves Oranges, Vertes et Blanches.
    • Orange, Green, and White Larva have had their power increased.
    • Purple and Blue Larva have had their power decreased.
  • Bandit Balancing:
    • Badskin’s Cannonball no longer applies an MP loss but instead penalizes the (PO).
    • Badgoat’s Shield Blow no longer applies the “Lead Legs” state but instead applies the “Bound” state in addition to reducing dodge.
  • Sho Bubu’s loot table has been completely revised: now drops its amulet and its adventurer set.


Professions & Ecosystems

  • Seeds are now harvestable on corpses of all ecosystem creatures.
  • Trapper level necessary to harvest a creature’s seed has now been divided by 2 (rounded up to the nearest 5).
  • You can find now 2 different chef workshop on Bilbyza: one for drinks, the other for dishes.
  • Addition of new Armorer recipes: Foolmoun and Boowish Epaulettes.
  • Addition of a new Area of Effect Weapon Master recipe: First Swipes Club.
  • Addition of new Leather Worker recipes: Bone Boots and Boowish Belt.
  • Addition of a new Tailor recipe: Boowish Hat.
  • Minerals and Ash Trees have a new appearance.
  • Modification of the “Farming” resources repartition in Gobballfield Country and Singing Fields.



  • A new item category has arrived: “Dofus Relics”. These orange colored items are ancient “discovered” items of the Dofus Era.
  • Breastplate of the Three Pistes is now correctly considered as part of the set.
  • Visual rectification of the Aged Needle*, Akorde Bow*, Bola Stick*, Bridge Club, Loray Al Cards, King’s Staff and Smithy Shovel has been carried out.
  • Silimelle’s Wedding Ring was renamed Silimelle Swag Ring* to reflect its ancestor from the Dofus Era.
  • Certain equipment descriptions have been revised to better highlight the Wakfu Era.
  • New sets have been added: Striches, Scaraleaf, Puddly, Ghastoolate, Moogrr, and Bellaphone.
  • Sho Bubu’s Amulet now gives a +20 HP bonus.
  • Balancing of the Boowolf set has been done.
  • Balancing of the Royal Gobball has been done: boost the Earth and Water damage in addition to a 1 AP bonus when equipped with the remaining set items.
  • Balancing of the Tofu Royal set: boost all elemental damage plus an addition of a 1 MP bonus when equipped with the complete set.
  • Balancing of the Royal Set:  boost more the damages and the health points.
  • Balancing of the Piwi Royal set: boost even more all damages and the health points.
  • Gobbshield now gives a 4% bonus to all resistance (replacing the previous bonuses).
  • A review of all set drop rates has been done.
  • Addition of the Royal Gobbhammer (Royal Gobball rare drop). At level 38: gives +1 command, 45 health points and 30 initiative points.
  • Addition of the Gobb Necksage (drop from Gobbsage). At level 50: gives 70 health points and 10% bonus to damages.



  • Language Pack option of WAKFU is now more visible.
  • The login interface has been completely revised. The interface will now allow the display of information concerning updates and maintenances.
  • The character creation interface has been revised. A random choice button has been added to each steps of the process.
  • The server portrait, during server selection, has been modified.
  • Clan Member passport interface has been improved to enable the display of more than 3 bonuses (most noticeable on Jonk Lees).
  • A chat message has been added when it is impossible to attack a group of monsters because of one of them is in a “busy” state.
  • The interactive parts of the Incarnam Canvas* is now identified by a particle effect.
  • The mouse wheel allows scrolling through the fighters’ roster at the end of combat.
  • Certain achievements are not displayed until another linked one is completed. This change also applies to achievement series.
  • The achievement categories have been revised.
  • New achievements are now available and also give new unique rewards.
  • The item interface has been revised to allow most of the items name to fit correctly in the interface.



  • Addition of arcade voices at all steps of the Shushu dungeon.
  • Sound effects for summoning the Incarnam Celestial Gobball and the Celestial Gobball.
  • Addition of interface soundbits for the Haven Bag and retake of various other interface elements.
  • Addition of Moskito sounds in the Bonta swamps.
  • Sound effects added for the Sand Ouassingue summoned by Captain Calamari on the Caustic Cove.
  • Remix of general character noises.
  • Sound effects added for the particle effects of the little Whirligig (Holey Forest/Amakna).
  • Fixes of the Corbak Chief running sounds while out of combat (was unable to hear them roll out of combat, however need to get closer to hear them now).
  • Addition of a sound when opening the Ecosystem window (W key).
  • Sound effects added for the Enutrof’s transformation into a Drhellzerker particle effect.
  • Sound effects added for the Bellaphone animations and particle effects (Brakmar).
  • Sound effects added for the Bellaphone eggs animations and particle effects (Brakmar).
  • Sound effect added for the character classes’ resurrection particle effect, after death.
  • Sound effect added for the behavior animation of the Mama Puddly (Puddly Village).
  • Sound effects added for the animation and particle effect of the Xelor spell “Timekeeper”.
  • Replacement of the spawn animation and particle effect (to test while, for example, the spawn of Googoo in the Shushu dungeon).
  • Sound effects added to the spawn animation and particle effect of items (for example the reward chest from the mini Gobball Dungeon, or the one from the Incarnam Kanojedo).
  • Some rogue animations and particle effect sounds are missing; they will be available at the next Patch.


  • The night/day cycle is now 24h instead of 6h.
  • The achievement linked to Mandhal has been removed.


Improvements & Bugs Fixes

  • Using the compass while hiding the UI no longer hinders client performance.
  • Special characters used in chat commands now correctly display in the chat window (example: /w Bob Hello).
  • The error message regarding “not being part of the correct nation”, when a player is attempting to take a boat ride, is now fixed.
  • A governor on a recently conquered enemy territory is no longer displayed as an enemy.
  • The “Cuite Fantôme” state no longer generates client errors.
  • Unequipping a bag no longer issues the chat message “You have picked up a bag.”
  • The start time of the governor reign is now correctly displayed (example: 12h06 instead of 12h6).
  • Voting history is now correctly displayed when 2 candidates are equal.
  • Particles produced by fireworks are now correctly displayed.
  • The Cra’s beacon Info-bubble disappears correctly at the end of combat.
  • Xelor’s allies do not see a residual dial when the Xelor summons a second.
  • Interior/Exterior particle load cleaning has been corrected.
  • An issue unexpectantly expelling a Governor has been corrected.


* Terminology used within this article is subject to change without notice and may not directly corrolate to current in-game usage.