Patch 0.307: Hotfix 2 Deployed

This morning we implemented a hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within Patch 0.307 “Woodz N the Hoodz.” Here is a list of the changes that were made.

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to steal health from your own character; and therefore to exploit the Zombification/Regeneration/Fleeches combo to kill any target in one hit.
  • Creature dialog bubbles are no longer reduced due to distance while in combat.
  • Impressions of a Sadida being able to move while under the tree transformation state has been addressed.
  • Auto-consumable items now work correctly if placed in the temporary inventory space.
  • The monster’s “busy” status before being harvested has been verified and is working correctly.
  • A creature’s “busy” status, when attempting to harvest, has been corrected.
  • The Sadida Forest challenge “Breath” has had its reward corrected.
  • Certain Brakmar items are no longer visible through the crafting interface.