Patch 0.307: Hotfix Deployed

This morning we implemented a hotfix to resolve the majority of the issues that were reported in yesterday’s patch “Woodz N the Hoodz.” Here is a list of the changes that were made.


Bug Fixes

  • Cooldown added for Clan Member bonus change notifications in order to avoid spamming citizens of the nation.
  • The Hooldlums now appear correctly in different areas.
  • Fire of Love now works correctly.
  • Increased drop rate for Arachnees and Treechnids.
  • Crocoburio now respawns.
  • The Kraloves particle effect issue is fixed
  • Polters debuffs can no longer be stacked.
  • Missing animations have been implemented.
  • “Double or Quits” can now be used on a zombified target.
  • Challenge notifications have been added (missing translation keys).
  • Clan Member bonuses are no longer applied when a player is in a fight.
  • Guild name has been added to the notification when you join a guild.
  • Calamar Island Crabs’ spells have been fixed.
  • Summons are no longer taken into account during the Sacrier Blood Pact HP loss.


Click here to review the full patch notes for WAKFU version 0.307.