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Dynamis Adjustments

18 Aug 2011

Along with the next Version Update will be various changes to Dynamis including the addition of maps and an option to restrict or unrestrict sub jobs in CoP Dynamis.

Read all the details after the break!

Dynamis is scheduled to receive the following adjustments and refinements in the forthcoming version update:

  • Dynamis-wide Adjustments:
    • Maps
      • Maps will be displayable in Dynamis areas.
      • Dynamis maps may be purchased from the same Goblin NPCs who sell the “Prismatic Hourglass.”
    • Treasure
      • The drop rate for all items that enhance relic and relic +1 armor will be unified.
        *This drop rate may be affected by the Treasure Hunter ability, but not by exploiting enemy weaknesses.
  • Adjustments to Dynamis-Valkurm, Dynamis-Buburimu, Dynamis-Qufim, and Dynamis-Tavnazia:
    • The above areas will become non-reservable.
      • For more details on non-reservable Dynamis areas, please refer to the [dev1000] Dynamis Reborn! post regarding changes implemented in the May 10, 2011 version update.
      • With this change, Goblin NPCs will no longer sell the “Timeless Hourglass.”
      • Furthermore, the “Perpetual Hourglass” may no longer be used to access Dynamis areas.
    • Support Job Restrictions
      • Players will have the option to enable or disable support job restrictions upon entering Dynamis.
      • Certain items required to enhance relic and relic +1 equipment will only drop if support job restrictions are enabled.
      • Support job restrictions may be disabled at any time by investigating the “Somnial Threshold.”
        *Support job restrictions cannot be enabled in this way.
    • Monsters
      • Certain items may be used to enfeeble boss monsters in Dynamis-Valkurm, Dynamis-Buburimu, and Dynamis-Qufim.
    • Treasure
      • Drop locations for relic equipment, relic -1 equipment, accessories, and hydra equipment will remain unchanged.

    *Refinements to the upgrade process for relic and relic +1 equipment are still under consideration. Ingredients, drop rates, and other aspects are subject to change.