Patch 0.307: Version Deploys Tomorrow!

Warm and hot, like a Piwibread fresh from the oven, the new WAKFU update will go live tomorrow (8/17), and it smells good! To ease your hunger for details about all the new content it will bring, here is a sneak preview of Bonta’s new unlockable zone: the Sadida Forest!


At the very edge of Bonta, you will find the Sadida Kingdom, firmly ruled by the gorgeous Queen Sheran Sharm. Follow the trail of the formidable (yet adorable) Boowolves or improve your Lumberjack technique by cutting down some Ancestral Pines!  But beware, the forest isn’t as quiet as it seems, and tension is growing among the Sadida people…

The update, which will also add Wakfu and Stasis Islands and the mysterious Hoodlums, as well as many more surprises, will go live tomorrow at around 08:00 AM PST. We are very excited to have you all discover and test the new content that lies ahead for WAKFU, so stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy this preview of the new territory the Bontarians will be able to unlock, starting tomorrow.

For information regarding Server Status during the maintenance, see the official technical forum thread.