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Assorted Refinements

8 Jun 2011

The following additions and adjustments will be implemented in the next version update:

  • A new exchange NPC for crests and seals will be added.
    • Current plans call for allowing players to trade three seals/crests for any one seal/crest of their choice.
  • Porter Moogles will be introduced to the following areas:
    Selbina / Mhaura / Rabao / Kazham / Norg / Nashmau / Southern San d’Oria [S] / Bastok Markets [S] / Windurst Waters [S]
  • It will become possible to redeem multiple battle trophies at once in the following areas:
    Abyssea – Altepa / Abyssea – Uleguerand / Abyssea – Grauberg