Ask the Devs #2 - Developer Q&A

22 Apr 2011

In celebration of Earth Day, we are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of “Ask the Devs,” a Q&A session with the development team of WAKFU!

We know you have many burning questions about the game, its development, or the inspiration behind it, so this is your chance to ask away!

From 4/22 – 4/29, we will be taking questions within the comments field of this article (also known as the linked forum thread). During this time, feel free to ask as many questions you like regarding WAKFU the MMORPG.

With respect to Earth Day, a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment, we’d like to encourage the discussion of topics aimed at the ecosystem functions, map designs, and basic ecology philosophies and plans of the game.

In the following weeks we’ll post ten answers to ten questions we select from the thread. The development team is excited for the opportunity to answer your questions, so get those thinking caps on!