Ask the Devs – Developer Answers

The team is proud to present the answers to our first “Ask the Devs” Q&A! We have the answers to your burning questions regarding everything WAKFU in this North American community exclusive!

Wow, what a great turn out!

After having read ALL of your fantastic questions (yes, even the posts which contained several questions themselves) submitted over the course of a week, the WAKFU team is proud to release the second-half our first “Ask the Devs” Developer Q&A.

The selected questions below have been graciously answered by:

TheTurtle, Lead Developer

Tonio, Game Designer

1. Question by BIGG-e

Could we reassign skill points and if not why? Reason being that I believe it would help explore new builds, improve end game PvPing, and help level different elements because some skills don’t complement every element. Also planning to have fun is no fun such planning all your skills ahead of time only to find out it totally did not work out… (View Post)

Answer: This is something we have been thinking about for a while, but we feel it’s too early to implement such a system right now. Actually, in most MMOGs this feature becomes available long after the initial release. That said, if an important change is made to game balance or to a class itself, we’re obviously planning on allowing players to reassign skill points. Outside of this specific case, if we were to have such a feature, we’d want to make it an interesting and original mechanic.


2. Question by JudahKinzuru

There appears to be a favoring of player groups by the current experience point system. This arguably helps to ensure some socialization between players, but what about those who are too busy to maintain a constant pace with their friends or guildmates? Are there currently any plans to implement tools to facilitate grouping for more casual players? Possibly a “Looking for Group!” menu of some kind, or even just a search function? (View Post)

Answer: This is not a feature we’re planning to implement as of now, but we’re looking forward to constantly improving players’ socialization and the economy in general.


3. Question by SharadSun

Dofus, as a game, was really amazing. The PvP system, in particular, made me addicted to that game and kept me paying membership for at least a year and a half. Without that system, I would have been bored of that game easily and moved onto a more exciting game. But the Honor system and my rank-8 Commander wings commanded respect and authority, and made me want to stay Bonta and stay playing Dofus. Prism battles were epic-scale and exciting, and Bontarians/Brakmarians were actually loyal to their sides and active in war. If WAKFU had that system, it would surpass Dofus as the best MMO ever made, in my opinion. Is there any chance of such a monumental and massive-scale PvP system being implemented in WAKFU? Maybe just another angel/devil/mechanical wing system, or badges, or something… (View Post)

Answer:With WAKFU we’re leaning towards a PVP system relying heavily on nations and less on individuals. We want the system to have a strong Role Playing component, with the option for players to pick their nation as well as becoming a soldier or even the General.


4. Question by Shaterri

As the saying goes, no plan survives contact with the enemy; what has surprised you the most about the players’ reactions to the game so far, and what design elements have you unexpectedly had to change on the fly because of unforeseen consequences? (View Post)

Answer: First of all, this saying doesn’t fit our situation! We don’t see players as enemies at all. We are making a video game to make you happy, as you players are the only ones able to judge the quality of the game design elements. That said, the best example is probably the level design, which had to go through drastic changes to improve readability. Before, it was way too messy, landscapes had too much of an impact, and fights were difficult to follow. The game is now more streamlined and smoother, with the grid being significantly easier to see. Overall it put more focus on the “tactical” component of the game.

This was the result of intense Level Design discussions, and a detailed study of players’ behavior, including the way they traveled and interacted with each other, the areas they went to, etc.

Ultimately the entire world’s geography was modified with these elements in mind, in addition to our goal of improving overall usability.


5. Question by Tsuubo

Right now the economy is broken in several ways. As someone who is working on a few craft professions the issue I immediately see is the ever increasing scale required to gain higher levels. For instance to get from a Leatherworker level 15 to level 20 I need to make over a hundred of pairs of Fisherman’s Waders. Everyone else working on the same profession is likely doing the same thing.

Since we then easily have thousands of this item available the value of it is completely crippled. By the time I’m working from level 30 to 35 I’ll likely need to make 500+ of a given item. Never mind that the time investment to gather these resources is not at all worthwhile, it will also, again, make the end item entirely too plentiful and worthless to the economy.

One way to address this may be experience scaled to difficulty so there’s an incentive to risk your resources to craft an item you don’t have 100% on yet. Perhaps with a 90% success rate success is worth 150xp, 80% 200xp, 70% 250xp, and so on. In the same vein, I don’t know about you, but I often learn as much from my failures as I do my successes. Perhaps give a percentage of experience even with failed crafting. We’re already losing resources that can take a significant bit of effort to gather when we fail. We might as well get at least a little something to show for the attempt.

In any case, I’d like to hear your thoughts on how this might be addresses, because if it stays as is I don’t see myself bothering with any crafts much longer. (View Post)

Answer: The Crafting XP curve will be modified. We’re aware that it’s not optimal right now. This is what we have in mind:

More resources -> fewer items -> more XP

To make it easy to understand, items will require more resources to be made, players will then make fewer items, but will gain more XP though crafting. On top of this, XP will be dependent on a recipe’s complexity.

Perhaps with a 90% success rate success is worth 150xp, 80% 200xp, 70% 250xp, and so on.

It’s a good idea (basically gain XP even if you fail the recipe) but not with these rates.


6. Question by Mutevex

What do you plan to do once harvesting and mining become capped? When there are enough people on the server that they can kill an entire field instantly, and there’s a miner for every individual spawning ore? Already miners fight for ore, and the server isn’t even that populated. (View Post)

Answer: Regarding the mining of resources, the world is currently not representative of its final size and will eventually be much bigger, especially with the addition of Brakmar, a land more favorable to miners, we might add. Not to mention that players are currently over-exploiting mining as most typically see this as the fastest way to get rich via Kama minting. But there are many other ways and crafts to get rich. Kama minting is the most obvious way, but not the most efficient!

On the note of other resources in general, the goal is having players manage resources too: thanks to Clan Members they have some initial directions, but soon Governors will have the option to regulate monsters with their own set of rules. Also, the haven-bag allows players to save their own resources.


7. Question by Manazarith

There has been a lot of talk about PvP and minigames. I, too, and curious to know what plans are currently being considered in this area? I like the idea of a Capture-the-Flag-like PvP scenario, and some sort of in game casino or player-to-player gambling area. In Dofus, the arenas were used mostly for fighting captured creatures, but it would be nice to see a Coliseum where players could recruit teams and wager on the outcome. Boufbowl (Gobbowl) could be interesting as well. (View Post)

Answer: This is not our priority right now — we’re focusing on challenges and overall fun in WAKFU, for instance, like hidden secrets in the world for players to discover. Challenges are a great way to do something different for limited time periods, while staying within a familiar gameplay experience.


8. Question by MakoSeraph

Will weapons be tweaked so there would be a benefit for normal attacks? Or at least, will weapons be visible with our abilities later on? (View Post)

Answer:Right now when it comes to power, weapons are equivalent to non-boosted spells. We might revisit weapons to make them slightly more powerful than they are now, maybe adding secondary elements like the ability to cast status effects.

For instance, using weapons, Sadidas can activate a Fire doll, something made possible only with a Fire weapon.

If we had to show weapons for each spell, it would limit our spell animations, given the 12 weapons available. As a consequence, when players cast spells, they put their weapons away to be hands-free!


9. Question by JSkeeFresh

Are there plans to have any of the current objects in the Haven Bags do anything? In other words, why build a crate and take up space if I can’t put anything in it (purely aesthetic)? Another example: it would be nice to store Tofu feathers in the stuffed tofu. Little things like this would go a long way to making the haven bag items (and therefore the cabinetmaking profession) more attractive.(View Post)

Answer: There are already elements in the Haven-Bag that are not purely cosmetic, like displays and window displays allowing you read posters or transform your bag into a moving museum. We’re also working on crafting machines and other interactive objects, with some even being animated! This content will be added one step at a time as the game moves forward, the Haven-Bag is far from having revealed all its secrets!


10. Question by Xaelon

Would you consider adding ‘predator’ type monsters in areas like fertile prairie or singing fields? These would eat things such as gobballs, tofu, or any ‘prey’ type monster…? (View Post)

Answer:This is something we’re considering to add as part of the ecosystem. Like an antagonist monster type, kinds that would hunt each other, and predator monster types who, if they become too big of a group, could potentially eliminate other monster groups entirely.

But again, our main focus right now is to balance and fine-tune the mechanics of the ecosystem. In the future, this will allow us to evolve a well-established gameplay basis, and not something that would change that basis.

So YES, predator monsters have been explored as well as many other fun things for the ecosystem!

In closing, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in this event and we hope to see you around the forums and in-game soon!

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