Game Patch Deployment: Version 0302

23 Feb 2011

Play the long awaited Sadida class while you adventure through the newly enhanced Bonta nation!

Scheduled for today, Game Patch 0302 will include a multitude of updates. Downtime is to begin at 6 AM PST and is expected to last approximately one hour, ending at 7 AM PST.

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Update 0302 is to contain the following:


  • Sadidas are available.
  • Eniripsa skills have been balanced for improved spell evolution: Itsade Mark, Eting Mark and Amil Mark.
  • New emote available through challenge.



  • The XP you gain through the Cra’s “beacon” spells are now related to the number of “beacons” triggered during a fight.
  • Certain status now display the name of their caster (I.E. Eniripsa markers).



  • Challenges have been added to the conquerable islands Maya Bay and Poup Island (they can be bought by the governor of the nation which governs the island).
  • Access to prisons have been slightly modified.
  • Secrets have been added to the world.
  • Bonus given by Clan Members are modified.
  • Balanced reproduction system for the mobs.
  • New “sterile cells”: monsters can’t appear, move nor be planted on these cells.



  • New content related to Bonta’s history was added.
  • New achievements related to Bonta have been added.
  • New special monsters are available. It’s up to you to find a way to make them appear!



  • Amakna and Bonta harbors have been modified. You now have to go through them to reach the islands to conquer (Poup Island and Maya Bay).
  • The ‘cannons’ of Amakna and Bonta do not send you to Poup Island anymore, but to a random location on the other continent.



  • New materials have been added to monster drop tables for crafting.
  • Various bugs corrections (recipes that were not feasible on Amakna, etc…).



  • First step of politics: Voting functions have been redone.
  • New voting interface.
  • New candidate interface.
  • Voting history made accessible through Clan Members.



  • Gift interface is now available (can be access on the top right of the screen, next to the options button).
  • Server description in the Server Selection screen has been revised for North America to properly reflect the correct community.



  • Iop sounds reworked.
  • Cra sounds reworked.
  • Eniripsa and Sadida sounds disabled (they are currently updated due to animation modifications).
  • Cra beacon spell now have sound effects.
  • Missing interactive elements now have sound effects.
  • Arachnees and Wild Boars now have sound effects.
  • The Royal Tofu now have sound effects.
  • Interactive dialogs of certain Clan Members from Bonta now have sound effects.
  • The game’s audio base have been optimized and various bugs have been fixed.



  • In-game censoring system has been improved.
  • New filtered words, censored and protected names added.


Bugs Correction

  • Mandhal removed to improve behavior.
  • Bonta’s Wild Boars now can be planted.
  • Bug appearing when two status are applied by a same spell is now fixed.
  • Feedback appearing when a character is added to a friends list is now fixed.
  • Elements added during a fight with the transparency option activated now appear transparent.
  • Various improvements to the map.
  • Fix for players being stuck in prison for no reason.
  • Gostofs in the secret room of the cemetery can now be attacked.
  • Various improvements on the life points gain notifications on Eniripsa’s spells.
  • The chat channel now blinks when you receive a message you cannot read.
  • “Counter” status of the Prespic set now deactivates properly.
  • Invisibility of certain fighters during the placement period now fixed.
  • The “Eat Bread” animation now properly interrupts the harvesting and planting actions.
  • Client/server out of sync issues following picking up on monsters bodies now fixed.
  • Election candidates’ tax is now correctly retrieved.
  • Zombie AI status now fixed.
  • Bontarian Outlaws attacked by their own citizens are now sent to Bonta’s prison and not Amakna’s.


Added Note: Due to recent changes, Poup Island and Maya Bay Clan Members have been reset. They are once again nation-neutral and can be conquered by one of the two existing nations.