VG247 Gamescom “coverage”

vg247 logoVG247 released five mini-articles over the past 24 hours, each identifying one fact they gleaned from their interview with Tanaka at Gamescom (basically they published one “article” per quote).  Most of the information is already known, so we’ll just highlight the facts/quotes:

  • FFXIV will have a monthly subscription model (link)
  • Tanaka was very pleased Nobuo Uematsu was scoring the whole FFXIV soundtrack (link)
  • FFXIV will have its own “religion” and the setting will be very unique – borrowing sci-fi and medieval elements (link)
  • The new leveling system is based on weapons:  “by using the weapon you hold in your hand, you’ll gain skills for that class.  So, if you change your weapon you’ll change your class. You can change your class even between the battles; not during the battles.” (link)
  • Surnames may be added to help people retain their FFXI character names in XIV. (link)

That’s what VG247 has reported so far.  Let’s hope that next time they just interview Square Enix and publish one article with all of the information – rather than try to manufacture pageviews by releasing one quote at a time.  :roll: