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Hiromichi Tanaka To Oversee Additional Final Fantasy III Ports

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For those that missed it, Final Fantasy III is now available on the Ouya. This marks the 5th time that the game has been released stateside since its debut on the Nintendo DS. However, Square Enix isn’t stopping there. Today we received word that Square Enix veteran and Final Fantasy III Director, Hiromichi Tanaka, will be returning to the company to oversee further ports of Final Fantasy III. “Currently, the team is constructing a brand new engine for graphing calculators” …

Hiromichi Tanaka Joins GungHo Online Entertainment

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After retiring from Square Enix at the end of July, former FINAL FANTASY XI/FINALFANTASY XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka has joined up with GungHo Online Entertainment as a freelance adviser. In an interview with Famitsu, Tanaka says “The trigger for me thinking about leaving was getting removed from the FINAL FANTASY XIV project.” He also told the magazine “I helped mold FINAL FANTASY XI into one of the best MMO formats on the market, and I wanted to respect the wishes …

Changing of the Guard: Messages from the FINAL FANTASY XI Producers

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On August 1, 2012, Akihiko Matsui will take over as producer of FINAL FANTASY XI for Hiromichi Tanaka, who has produced the game since its launch a decade ago. To commemorate this occasion, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Matsui have respectively written a farewell and a greeting to the FINAL FANTASY XI community. Read on for both of their addresses.

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Hiromichi Tanaka Says “Thank You” Before He Retires

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I received all these messages from everyone. Thank you all so much! I’ve read through this entire thread, and I cannot give enough thanks to everyone. It has come down to the final bit of time before I retire. I haven’t even begun to start cleaning up yet, but I am sure everything will be fine. Thank you all very much and please continue supporting FINAL FANTASY XI.

Hiromichi Tanaka Leaving Square Enix For Health Reasons

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Final Fantasy XI Producer Hiromichi Tanaka announced at the end of VanaFest 2012 that he would be leaving Square Enix due to health issues. Former Final Fantasy XI Director Akihiko Matsui will step in as the new Producer of Final Fantasy XI.

FFXI UI To Get Completely Revamped

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Last week, an update went live on the Test Server that allowed players to change the width and line height of the chat log. Since then, players have been asking about other changes that may come about as a result of this latest adjustment to the user interface. Hiromichi Tanaka has replied on the forums answering some of the questions players have had. While switching out some of the current window backgrounds is a welcome change, there’s one that would …

Is Final Fantasy XI Coming To The PSVita?

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Could Final Fantasy XI be heading to Sony’s new handheld? In the latest issue of Famitsu, Producer Hiromichi Tanaka says that Square Enix is currently investigating a straight port of the game to the next generation portable. He adds that currently there is no solid plan at the moment. With the device having wi-fi and 3G capable models, Final Fantasy XI on the device would definitely be an interesting addition to the Vita’s library. Could a port of this 9 … Interview With Sage Sundi and Hiromichi Tanaka

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German website recently sat down with Sage Sundi and Hiromichi Tanaka to talk about Final Fantasy XIV. The interview that followed isn’t necessarily a goldmine of information, however, something important to come out of this interview is clarification that Final Fantasy XIV will not be going Free 2 Play as previously “reported”. (but you all knew that right?) In fact, when asked about it they gave a response similar to the one they gave before, saying that they have …

FFXIV for the PS3 Details via Famitsu/andriasang

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Gaming news website andriasang has a new article up with information from the latest Famitsu Weekly magazine.  Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto gave the magazine a little bit of information about how development for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV is coming along. “The PS3 version is currently 100% complete in terms of porting the game over from the PC, revealed Tanaka. It’s already running on the PS3, and the staff is performing optimizations to make it …

Why FFXIV Failed To Meet Expectations- via Eurogamer

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Yesterday, Eurogamer had a chance to get some thoughts from Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka about why the game failed to meet the expectations of many players. Tanaka had this to say: “We believe players had a very high expectation of this title from the alpha and beta tests,” Hiromichi Tanaka, senior vice president of software development, told Eurogamer this morning. We received a lot of feedback from the beta tests. The development team should have focused on shaping …