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17 Mar 2014

FFXIV Gives Free Teleports For One-Time Password Users

To further strengthen account security when playing FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, players are encouraged to log in using a security token or software token. These security devices generate one-time passwords, which remain effective for only a fixed period of time and become invalid once the user logs in, offering protection against spyware such
28 Mar 2013

Square Enix Software Token Now Available For iOS And Android

The software token, which will allow players of Final Fantasy XI and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to add an additional layre of security to their accounts is now available free of charge. iTunes Android In addition, FFXI players who secured their account with a physical token previously were able to acquire
21 Mar 2013

Introducing the SQUARE ENIX Software Token Application

Coming in early April, this new smartphone application will allow players to generate one-time passwords. We highly recommend it to our users as a quick and easy way to enhance the security of your Square Enix account with your iOS or Android device. ...