FFXIV Gives Free Teleports For One-Time Password Users

To further strengthen account security when playing FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, players are encouraged to log in using a security token or software token.

These security devices generate one-time passwords, which remain effective for only a fixed period of time and become invalid once the user logs in, offering protection against spyware such as key logging programs. Using a one-time password in combination with your Square Enix ID and password will offer greatly strengthened security for your account.

Learn more about how to register your one-time password.

In-Game Bonus for One-Time Password Users

As of patch 2.2, when logged into the game with a one-time password, you will have the option to designate one aetheryte of your choice as a free destination. Teleporting to your free destination will incur no gil fee. Moreover, you may change your free destination as many times as desired.
* The free destination is only valid for Square Enix accounts with a registered one-time password.
* In the event your one-time password has been deactivated, teleporting to your destination will incur a gil fee. Furthermore, your free location cannot be changed while your one-time password is deactivated.

As a quick and easy way to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience, we highly recommend all users take advantage of the one-time password feature.