2 months ago

Review: Crown Wars: The Black Prince

Quick! Name a game that falls under the genre of “Tactical RPG.” While there are certainly quite a few out there, I’d be willing to bet that you probably named either the Fire Emblem franchise or one of the Final Fantasy Tactics games. If you’re more into the genre than most, you might have also
2 months ago

Review: Dread Delusion

When it comes to writing reviews, a concept that consistently crops up is the notion of a game being greater than the sum of its parts. For me, this particular abstraction does a lot of heavy lifting to establish that while a given title may have some lackluster execution in certain areas, the experience of
2 months ago

Review: Qualia ~The Path of Promise~ [Switch]

All right, kiddos, let’s establish something that’s not going to come as a surprise for much of anyone here: I like robots. I think there is loads and loads of storytelling potential for working with robots, and I especially like things that ask big philosophical questions about robotics as a concept. I also like when
4 months ago

Review: Goblin Stone

Every so often, we get a new crop of stories going with the basic conceit of taking familiar fantasy tropes and flipping the context on them. You know exactly the sort, the ones that clearly were paying attention and noted that if you read it in the abstract, stories about killing mass number of orcs
5 months ago

Review: Foamstars

Following its initial announcement in 2023, I was positively jonesing to get my hands on Foamstars. Here was a game that was not only tackling its own interpretation of an established big player in the competitive multiplayer scene, but also doing so with flashy character designs and an aesthetic all its own. Fast-forward nine months
6 months ago

Review: Granblue Fantasy: Relink

I mentioned in the intro to my previous review for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising that when you see the title “Granblue Fantasy” attached to something, you are seeing a game based upon what is a long-running mobile title that has stretched the concept of a browser game based on JRPG combat about as far as
8 months ago

Review: KarmaZoo

As I’ve spent the past several years as a reviewer, I’ve increasingly grown to think of games as broadly belonging to one of two categories. The first category are games that basically wear their hearts on their sleeves. Within the first half-hour you have seen most of the game’s core loop and ideas, and you
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 256: Patch 6.4 Review

Patch 6.4 has landed and our opinions are… taking flight. From the sweaty scenes of the MSQ, to the state of recent gear sets, we'll give you our ready and raring to go ratings!
1 year ago

Review: Souls of Chronos

One of the things that’s kind of amazing about reviewing games is the fact that you see things you otherwise probably would never have caught. Souls of Chronos is just such a game. It’s a little indie game from Shanghai-based FUTU Studio, published by Astrolabe Games, and the odds are pretty good that it wouldn’t
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 241: Patch 6.3 Review

SPOILERS AHEAD! The whole gang's back together again to talk about the story from Patch 6.3! … And the rest of the stuff, too. We remembered the rest of the stuff, PROMISE!
13 Jan 2023

Review: Kandria

Let me start with an anecdote: Kandria, on both its official website and right as the first thing on its Steam page, proudly boasts that the game has zero ability gating and you can go anywhere you want right from the start of the game. The same blurb expresses glee that finally, you will be
11 Jan 2023

Review: Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

I’d really like to be able to say that when we got the full review build for this particular title, my experience of playing through the demo for Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider had already slipped through my memory and faded into half-remembered ephemera. Because that’s exactly what this game feels like it’s emulating right down to
28 Nov 2022

Review: The Knight Witch

William Goldman wrote the novel The Princess Bride inspired by stories that he told to his two daughters, who at ages 7 and 4 requested a story about “princesses” and “brides” respectively. That’s the origin of that title. Yes, an excellent novel which was adapted into an amazing film came from just slamming two concepts
23 Nov 2022

Review: Gungrave G.O.R.E

About a month ago, I took a brief look at the resurrection of yet another long-dormant franchise. I walked away thinking that the opening hours in that preview meant that the comeback of Beyond the Grave was in good hands. Because of that positive first impression, taking on the review for the final build seemed
30 Sep 2022

Preview: Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

How do you feel about classic action games from the 16-bit era? Because that’s going to inform a lot about how you feel when it comes to Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. The 16-bit era of console gaming had a slightly disjointed start, with the Sega Genesis having launched a solid two years before the Super Nintendo
6 Sep 2022

Aetheryte Radio 232: Patch 6.2 Review

We had our hands all over it before, but now it is finally time for the official, spoiler-filled low-down! Tune in (or tune out if you are not done yet!) for our Patch 6.2 Review!
4 May 2022

Aetheryte Radio 219: Patch 6.1 Review

The most unprecedented patch in FFXIV history has come and gone and BOY do we have some thoughts! Join the whole Aetheryte Radio crew as we wind our way through our new world of adventure! (This review contains spoilers!)
13 Apr 2022

Review: Cat Cafe Manager

It takes very little effort – bordering on no effort – to get me interested in the prospect of a cat cafe. My two cats are two of the most important living things on the planet to me, and I love cats in general. They’re stupid furry pillows full of knives who vibrate and make
10 Apr 2022

Hardware Review: DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair

A good chair can be difficult to find. Speaking from my own personal experience, its easy to get caught up somewhere between comfort and necessity as far as pricing is concerned. If I can save some cash when it comes to a seat for my desk, why shouldn’t I? After all, it’s just where I
28 Mar 2022

Review: Nightmare Reaper

Let me tell you, one of the best feelings of being a reviewer is when you get your first impressions of a title from screenshots, video, and early release info… and you’re wrong. See, the thing is (and this is a deep secret of being a game reviewer) that when you’ve played a lot of