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3 Jul 2018

Patch 4.35 Notes

Patch 4.35 has arrived! Read on for details about Heaven-on-High, Even Further Hildibrand Adventures, and other additions and refinements this patch. * The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos is planned to release in patch 4.36. Read the patch notes.  
13 Aug 2012

Patch 1.23a Notes

Patch 1.23a is now live! Face off against a vastly souped-up Nael van Darnus in the most grueling battle to date, undertake new sidequests featuring a certain investigative duo, and more! Pore over the official particulars.
8 Aug 2011

Patch 1.18a Notes

Patch 1.18a has gone live, bringing with it a number of adjustments on Guildleves and user interface. View all of the official particulars.
21 Jul 2011

Patch 1.18 Notes

Patch 1.18 is live and chock-full of exciting changes including instanced raids, auto-attack, guildleve adjustments, enmity updates, and more! View a detailed outline. * All placements of retainers will be reset with the release of patch 1.18.If yo...
15 Jun 2011

Patch 1.17c Notes

*Fixed Bugs* * Measures have been implemented to address the recurring server failure issue occurring in market areas. * Measures have been...
23 May 2011

[patch1.17b] Patch 1.17b Notes

*System* * [dev1035] Target filter cycling has been removed from targeting mode A, and targeting mode C adde./targetmode (/tmode) [subcommand] ...
25 Apr 2011

Patch 1.17a Notes

Event [dev1002][dev1003] New sidequests have been added. [dev1055] Guild tasks have been added. By examining the new task boards found within any Adventurers’ Guild, players may view and undertake the tasks of Eorzea’s guilds. Obtaining and delivering the requested items will yield both rewards and skill points (awarded to the active class at time of