14 May 2010

Slow News Day, E3 and Race Quiz

Well the news has been rather slow of late.  Based on various reports, the alpha test is proceeding.  We saw Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto discuss the state of affairs earlier in the month. More recently, there was an article stateside in Game Informer magazine, but there was no new information – rather
18 Aug 2009

Aetheryte Radio 1: A Collaborative Effort

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Eorzeapedia podcast: Aetheryte Radio! Aetheryte Radio is the collaborative effort of two of the most popular Final Fantasy XI podcasts: Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha. We’ve come together to deliver you a fun and exciting show that covers everything related to Final Fantasy XIV.
4 Aug 2009

This Week in the Magazines

The promise of new FFXIV information is on the horizon! As announced recently, FFXIV is part of Square Enix’s lineup for gamescon 2009 and being billed as one of the main attractions. Chances are they will release a little bit more about FFXIV at the event because the Japanese magazines are promising to bring the
17 Jun 2009

Square Enix Members and Final Fantasy XIV

A Final Fantasy XIV group has surfaced on the Square Enix Members website! Joining the group will allow you to join discussions on the groups message boards, just like on our own forums. Message boards like this provide a great way to spend time and talk with other excited fans as we all wait for
13 Jun 2009

This Week in the Magazines

Every Friday, Weekly Famitsu comes out with general information on console games.  Approximately every two weeks, Dengeki PlayStation covers PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 news.  This week, both have their E3 reports. Let’s take a look at how the Japanese printed press treated FFXIV this week:
7 Jun 2009

Dengeki Interview @ E3 2009

A few days ago we reported on Elmer’s summary of the Japanese media’s coverage of Square Enix’s E3 interviews on Final Fantasy XIV. Today, we can give a more detailed look at what one of those interviews had to say. Most of the answers are things we already know, however it seems that a beta
4 Jun 2009

Japanese Media Covers Final Fantasy XIV at E3

Elmer over at ZAM has written up a summary from three popular Japanese news sources (GameWatch, 4Gamer, Famitsu) who all got the chance to sit down with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto after the Square Enix E3 press conference on Wednesday. In the information given, Tanaka mentions that initially, they wanted to add a second
4 Jun 2009

IGN Reveals More Info With Q&A

Yesterday the team over at IGN was able to get in an interview with the team behind Final Fantasy XIV and get some more information about the upcoming game. The interview answers questions about chocobos, music composition, and even things that are hidden in the game’s logo done by Yoshitaka Amano! You can check out
3 Jun 2009

Final Fantasy XIV E3 2009 Q&A

This afternoon during Square Enix’s E3 press conference, there was a Q&A session regarding the newly announced Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix representatives including the producer of both FFXI and FFXIV, Hiromichi Tanaka, answered questions regarding the new game. It is also worth noting that Michael Christopher Koji Fox was in attendance as a translator.