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13 Sep 2010

Understanding the Fatigue Limit

Read on for a transcript of the video!
26 Aug 2010

Op-Ed: Design Philosophy and the Fatigue System

News of Final Fantasy XIV’s fatigue system has hit the web recently, causing a firestorm of controversy.  Translation issues and mass speculation served to light a fire in the community, and a vocal segment is demanding the system be removed.  Such demands, however, stem from not thinking the system through. When designing an MMO, one
14 Jul 2010

Op-Ed: A Matter of Gentility

I doubt there is anyone who comes here that hasn’t had at least a brush with the thought “I want to make a mark.”  Whether it is simply amongst your friends or between the Worlds, we want to enjoy the game and have a good reputation.  I believe it’s a noble idea, and happily admit
23 Jun 2010

Op-Ed: Just Love for the Game

Compared to what I knew about FFXI, I feel that I have almost a million times more information about FFXIV than I had before starting FFXI.  Post after post is about E3.  Was it disappointing?  A success?  What more did we learn that we didn’t know before?  And on and on. Statement: I love FFXIV.
25 Apr 2010

Op-Ed: Gender Locking of the Races and Clans

Undoubtedly, one of the longest standing requested additions to Final Fantasy XI was the Male Counterparts to Mithra.  Sadly, we never got that choice and instead we were all given a bit of tease by Square-Enix. They added a single lone Male Mithra NPC in the FFXI: Wings of the Goddess expansion.  A few fans
16 Apr 2010

Alpha Test Leaks (an Op-Ed)

If there’s one thing worse than not enough information provided to Final Fantasy XIV fans, it’s too much information provided to Final Fantasy XIV fans. In our quest for knowledge about this exciting new game, it’s easy to forget that we’re only a small part of the potential player base and that the consequences of
12 Apr 2010

The House Special

Imagine yourself entering a special restaurant. It is your first time here. You are handed a curious menu with a list of thousands of different ingredients. Many of the ingredients are very common, but some you are completely unfamiliar with. The waiter asks you to choose a list of ingredients and the master chef will
24 Aug 2009

[Op-Ed] Hands on at Gamescom: A detailed report

Hello everybody! I hardly have any new information, but I decided to give you a report of most of my Gamescom experience and go into detail when it comes to FFXIV.  I’m not a native English speaker, but I still hope you have a decent read. Grab a snack because I’m not going to skip