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Community Effort: "Report to Special Task Force" forms

24 Sep 2010

The Success of an MMORPG
The success of an MMORPG depends on a lot of factors, including in-game economy. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to this. Since the Disciples of Hand and Land are front-and-center, full-fledged Disciplines, a healthy player-based economy will become ever more important.

Who are these people? They make illegal profits off of Square-Enix’s game, as defined by Square-Enix’s User Agreement. They can muck up the economy, spam chat channels, and can ruin game/economy balance if no action is taken against them.

So, who’s fighting them and keeping the in-game economy working well?
This is where the Special Task Force excels. I am confident that they do their job and do it well. That being said, this is an ongoing battle and they appreciate any assistance they can get. This is where we come in! They depend on us, the community, to submit reports!

“I want to help! Where can I find this form?”

Currently, you can find the form here:
“Report to Special Task Force” form

“Reports to the Special Task Force can be used to report illegal activity within FINAL FANTASY XIV.
*The Special Task Force exists for the purpose of dealing with illegal activity in FINAL FANTASY XIV and working to create a healthy gameplay environment.”

I am hoping that in the future Square-Enix will put these forms, in-game, in the Help Desk menu. I believe that the easier it is for players to make reports, the more likely they will. Ultimately, it would be more beneficial for S-E and the Final Fantasy XIV service, to provide in-game “Report to Special Task Force” forms. This would be of particular advantage to players who play full-screen and those who do not wish to open their internet browser, disrupting the course of their gameplay session.

Why the community should take time to submit reports
We want a healthy player-based economy from the start of Final Fantasy XIV’s service, especially since crafters and gatherers play a vital role in the game. The more stable the economy is, the more rewarding Disciples of Hand and Disciples of Land disciplines will be. When you submit these reports, you’re doing your part to help the STF; they make sure that the economy is kept in balance.

To date, I have seen no MMORPG give this much significance to Crafting, Gathering, and Fishing; this is revolutionary, and I love it! It has been said that in the future Disciples of Hand and Land will have mid-level Class Quests, which include their own storyline cutscenes (in the style of traditional Final Fantasy games).

I really want to see the Disciples of Hand and Disciples of Land disciplines work well. It is my belief that this can only be achieved by having a healthy player-based economy. So, do your part to keep the economy stable… submit reports and twhart the efforts of Arrr-‘Em’Tee.

Special Thanks
I would like to thank Sage Sundi and the Special Task Force for all their hard work.