Patch 2.38

From the implementation of individual estates and land along with added residential districts to the continuation of the Zodiac Weapon quest line, an item level boost for Extreme Ramuh rewards, and much more, patch 2.38 is sure to offer something for all adventurers. A host of user interface refinements also promise to make exploring Eorzea more intuitive than ever.

Peruse the patch 2.38 notes

2 thoughts on “Patch 2.38

  1. are you kidding!?!?! they want you to pay these super high prices for a small individual house?!? thats ridiculous! i dont care if i am on a legacy server. thats just wrong.

    1. Right?!? They should have made wards for alllo small houses for individual housing with a lower price like they were saying they would do. Now we get this bs where the elite of the elite will buy out houses from where free companies can buy. So now I’d your free company does have a house good luck if you were looking at a small. Pardon my English and Grammer I’m livid at this and tired I’ll correct it later.

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