Q&A: Feedback #16

It is time for another Community Q&A! Today we will be discussing questions surround the upcoming Almanax, along with potential game enhancements and government improvements.


Questions & Answers

If I want to get the mount offered with the Almanax, does that mean that I won’t be able to get the other rewards?
This is true. The mount is our “ultimate” reward and we want it to gratify those who chose to save their tokens for 365 days for this mount, and nothing else.

Concerning the Almanax, will there be Meridia Effects in WAKFU, with a daily bonus?
There won’t be any daily bonus (Meridia Effect) at first, but we may change this in the future.

Will we get kamas and XP with the Almanax quests?
These quests won’t provide any kamas. Concerning XP, the first ones will not have XP rewards, but the ones that follow will (we’re working on it).

The value of the in-game money with the sandbox system makes the economy very weak. Do you plan to address this issue?
Absolutely! The issue is linked to the fact that having just one kama already makes you rich. We’re currently looking into ways to fix this.

Mines are always camped by high level characters that keep the ore for themselves and prevent the low level from getting in. Will you do something to prevent this?
First let us say that high level characters don’t usually use the same ore as the low level ones. Also, a high level character doesn’t get more kamas by mining. Keep in mind that mines are not the only way to get ore. We want to turn the mines into the place were outlaws and bandits will gather. We want them to stay dangerous; if you want to go in, you better prepare, or organize with your friends/guild/government to drive out the aggressors that were in. These are the reasons why we don’t want to change the current mechanic, or don’t want to prevent aggressions in the mines. It’s a choice that was made on our side!

Poor players don’t want to travel as it requires kamas for most of the trips. Don’t you find it unfair to prevent them from using these features?
Yes we do, and this is directly bound to the economy issue that we mentioned earlier. We’re looking into solutions to improve the economy and transports. In the short term we plan on making the Drago-Express free.

Don’t you think that the tactical aspect of the game is mostly based on damage dealing?
We can think it to be true for a part of the game, but not all of it. We always have to find the right balance between this aspect, and other feedback we get pointing to the opposite. When combats are too hard and too long in some areas, like the Forfut island, despite their tactical aspect, for example. We always try to find the best balance between difficulty, tactical combats, and experience gain.

Currently, governments don’t pay much attention to the workshops that are destroyed by the Ogrest Chaos, due to the high cost and investment required to repair them, and the risk that they might be destroyed again shortly after. Will you do something about it?
We are aware of this issue and are looking into several options to improve this situation. As we told you last time, we’re working on a revamp of the Ogrest Chaos and also want to include changes on the repair system. However, we still cannot give you any timeframe as to when this should be implemented.

What about the Wild Gobballs farming issue? Isn’t there a problem with the XP they provide?
Yes there is, we noticed that and will make changes to limit this issue.

Do you think you will be able to limit the use of the “voting alts”?
This subject was discussed a lot. The best solution seems to be a limit of votes per nation and per account. An IP limitation doesn’t seem appropriate, and other propositions we received were looked into, but we didn’t find them satisfying enough. Although it might look easy on paper, it’s actually much harder technically. We’re working on solutions, but we probably won’t be able to apply them in short term as they would require important revamps. We keep this issue in mind however.

Currently, the Weapons Master professions are being completely forgotten. There are too few high level recipes (80 max) compared to other professions where recipes can go up to level 100. Furthermore, these professions are no match compared to the weapons that can be looted. Will you work on these professions?
We are indeed working on a revamp, as for other professions. We will have more news on it in the future. Basically we will make crafting more interesting: we will add unique items, and equipment will no longer have to be farmed in order to level your professions up. Components used to increase your profession will be used in unique crafts. The idea is to stop the overload of the market with useless items that crafters cannot sell. In the same time we want to improve the XP gain of the recipes so equipment will give you more XP than a component item. Rarity of the item will also be taken into account.

Will you revamp the Hoodlums?
Yes alongside new content, we will add a rebalancing of the monsters and rewards.

Will you add an option to hide the helmet?
We always liked this idea but never had the chance to really look into it. We haven’t forgotten!


We hope you enjoyed reading about the latest WAKFU developments! Thanks for joining us!

Now, feel free ask any questions or give us any input that you would like to see in the next session.

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