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Server Firsts: Ultimate Slayers

7 Aug 2012

I imagine you’ve heard about the powerful new “Ultimate Bosses” that have been unleashed on the World of Twelve? Well I’m lookin’ for a few good men and women to bring them down! In exchange, you’ll get a taste of fortune and glory. Just what you adventurers want, no? Time to suit up and get to work, cuz there’s killin’ to be done!

So I suppose if you’re reading this you think you’ve got what it takes to bring down an Ultimate Boss, eh? Then it’s time to stop barkin’ and start bitin’!

The deal is simple enough: If you and your team are the first ones in the world to kill one of them Ultimate Bosses, there’s fortune and glory in store for the lot of you.

I expect you’re asking yourself what exactly, “fortune and glory” means? Well I’m glad you asked! If you manage to get together a team (each team can have from one to six players) that can actually bring them down, I’ll give each player in the first team to beat an Ultimate Boss the “Milimoowolf Set”, the in-game and forum title “Ultimate Slayer”, and a proclamation to the world of your accomplishments! Not a bad deal, eh?

And I’m willing to give this out to each and every team that’s the first to kill one of the Ultimate Bosses – Excarnus, Moowolf, Black Crow, and Gobbalrog – assuming there’s enough of you out there with the mettle to begin with! And know this: Even if you’re strong enough to defeat more than one of the Ultimate Bosses, you can only attain the prizes once!

Oh, and don’t even think about trying to pull one over on me! Believe me, if you come strollin’ in makin’ claims you got no business to even conceive of, I’ll know. And I’m not one to be trifled with.

Well, then, what’re you standing around for, time’s a-wastin’! And tell ’em Justice Knight sent ya!


Players are challenged to defeat each of the Ultimate Bosses released in Content Update 1.5. The applicable bosses are as follows:

  • Excarnus
  • Moowolf
  • Black Crow
  • Gobbalrog

The first group of players to defeat a given Ultimate Boss will receive the following:

  • The “Milimoowolf Set” (the original “Moowolf Set”, no longer available in game);
  • The unique in-game and forum title “Ultimate Slayer”;
  • Recognition of the winners via an Announcement on the main WAKFU page.

*All prizes are virtual in-game items or announcements and hold no monetary value. Players may not receive the prizes more than once.

Finally, if you think your group is the first to defeat a given boss, please post to this thread and let us know. Be sure to include a list of the player names and their guild(s). But, beware! Do not post any personal information (real name, username, address, etc.)! Once you’ve done that, we can then check the logs to verify. We’ll still check the logs once or twice a week, but we assume you’ll want to broadcast your achievement, and it’ll make our lives easier as well. Best of luck!


This is where we’ll keep track of the heroes who bravely vanquished the un-stoppable and record their names down in history.  Wouldn’t your name (and your guilds) look nice listed under one of these?  


  • Your name here! 


  • Your name here! 

Black Crow

  • Your name here! 


  • Your name here!