WAKFU: Content Update 1.5 – Patch Notes

6 Aug 2012

Are you prepared for Content Update 1.5: “Questing for Bosses”, releasing August 7th? There’s a TON of new content coming with the patch, and we’ve got all the details! Take a look at all of the changes so you’re reading to hit the ground running when Content Update 1.5 goes live!  

We now have the complete Patch Notes for Content Update 1.5, which will be implemented by August 7th.



As we announced a few days ago, global class balancing will be implemented. Find out more, class by class, by following these links:

These major changes made to the thirteen classes will also come with a total stat reset (spell experience, as well as ability and specialty points).

Note that along with the class balancing, many bugs linked to the classes themselves will be fixed as well.


If you are fond of little critters, then you will be thrilled to know about the new pets being introduced with Content Update 1.5: the Milimoowolf and the Baby Schnek!

The Milimoowolf will provide you with a Block bonus and can be obtained as a classic loot drop. You have your work cut out for you finding out which monsters drop it!

The Baby Schnek will provide you with a Wisdom bonus. How can you get it, you ask? Well, remember what happend to the Queen Schnek’s eggs the last time you visited Mt. Zinit? Consider that a small tip to help you with figuring out how to get one of her babies!


We have improved the current quest system in order to make it more dynamic and varied. Now you will be able to experience four kinds of quests: “Adventure”, “Environmental”, “Automatic”, and “Discovery” quests.

We also have reworked the quest interface to make it more accessible: the Quest Book has been reorganized, the ergonomic design of the Achievement Monitor has been enhanced, and we have made a few more improvements for greater readability and global comprehension.

Want to know more about it? Check out the Dev Blog article!


A major new improvement that we know is close to your heart: the implementation of a new World Boss system, the “Ultimate Bosses”!

This improvement is linked to the previous point about the Quest Book. In order to access the different Ultimate Bosses’ Lairs, you will first have to complete a quest. No more time spent waiting for your turn: now, you all have a chance to try to beat them!

To find out the access conditions to this high level content, as well as additional info, read the dedicated Dev Blog article!

And let’s not forget the little bonus we wanted to give you: our video teaser for the Ultimate Bosses!

If you watched the video, you may have noticed the arrival of a “small” addition to the Ultimate Boss family. Welcome the Gobbalrog! You can find him in Brakmar: you’ll have to venture to the foot of the volcano and search for clues that will bring you to the doors of his residence. You asked for a challenge? Well, here you go…

Amaknians, Bontarians and Sufokians, if you think you are safe, you are wrong: your Nations will soon see the advent of exclusive Ultimate Bosses as well!

Please also note that the Ultimate Boss Gobbsage will be improved. The Gobbsage will not appear in all the Nations but only in the “Wild Estate” in its spectral shape: “Excarnus”.

And remember to be careful as you engage in this exciting new content… the Ultimate Bosses difficulty has been increased and the fight loot has also changed! You will find the details about it in part two of the patch notes.

Some inhabitants of the World of Twelve are already chanting a disturbing message: “Excarnus will steal your soul, the Moowolf will devour you, the Crow will steal your feathers, and the Gobbalrog will make you go through hell!


One of the aims of the class balancing effort is to restart improvements to PvP on a sound foundation. With this patch, we will implement some improvements like a Health Points boost during PvP fights, a new timeline system, and a non-aggression state after a defeat during a PvP challenge.

You can find out more about all of these improvements in the dedicated Dev Blog article.


  • The global rebalancing of the classes leads us to offer you a new restat of your abilities and spell experience points. Once the update is deployed, upon connecting for the first time with a character, a new quest will appear. This quest is automatically accepted and will give you 10 hours to go to Jonk and ask for a restat (the Clan Member in the village area of your Nation). Warning: You have 10 hours REAL TIME after connecting your character, and not 10 hours in-game. If you connect your character at 8am in the morning, you will have until 6pm to complete the restat. If you don’t speak to Jonk in the 10 hours, the quest will complete automatically and you will not be able to start it again. You will therefore not receive any restat. A 10 hour countdown will display constantly in your quest interface.
  • Publication of the new Gazette.
  • Since the last update, player pathing was not functioning properly over long distances. The bug is fixed.
  • Since the last update, players were suffering from random freezes if they belonged to a guild. This bug has been fixed.
  • The way Willpower works has changed. Now, it increases the chances of applying and resisting states, AP loss, and MP loss. It costs 15 ability points for 1 Willpower point. The minimum – base – maximum values are: 0 – 0 – 100.
  • Now, each class has a customised gravestone.




  • Massacuring Mark: Will not trigger on allies with the passive anymore.
  • Massacuring Mark: Will not trigger for each Eniripsa on the team with the passive anymore. Triggers only one time per death.


  • Prime of Life and Mass Clumsiness: The wearing off of the “Prime of Life” and “Mass Clumsiness” combo’s effects is not problematic anymore. The MP are correctly reset at the end of the Enutrof’s turn.


  • Summons’ names are correctly save between reconnections.
  • Osamodas are no longer able to capture monsters in the Arenas.


  • Karchamrak & Defensive Stance: If a Pandawa carries an Iop that uses a “Defensive Stance”, it will no longer make the Pandawa disappear. The Iop will always be carried and the Pandawa can play his turn properly.


  • Bombs Wall works correctly.
  • Roguery: The Rogue doesn’t disappear from the fight when achieving a Critical Hit on a Chafer corpse.


  • K’Mir and Tree: The K’Mir link is suppressed when the Sadida transforms into a Tree.


  • A Xelor with the Temporal Waves ability and equipped with an Ilalano Ring (chance of +1 or -1 AP) will not lose an AP when entering combat.



  • Creation of a PvP state whose effect is to multiply Health Points by three. This state is applied when you enter a fight with another player. It disappears at the end of the battle.
  • Creation of a “Non-Aggression” state. This state is applied when a player revives after being killed during a PvP fight. A player with this state can’t be attacked for five minutes. If the player with this state attacks another player, the state disappears. Warning: this state doesn’t apply when the player is revived with a KenKo.
  • New Timeline system. See the PvP Dev Blog for more details.
  • By resurrecting after a defeat, the penalty inflicted by the “De Darm” state will properly inform the player via the chat.
  • In some cases, the “De Darm” state was not applied to characters logging out when in tombstone form. The problem was solved.


Ultimate Bosses

  • The Black Crow World Boss becomes an Ultimate Boss. Now, you have to complete a quest to access his lair.
  • The Moowolf World Boss becomes an Ultimate Boss. Now, you have to complete a quest to access his lair.
  • The Gobbsafe World Boss is now named Excarnus (spectral shape) and becomes an Ultimate Boss. Now, you have to complete a quest to access his lair.
  • New Ultimate Boss: the Gobbalrog. You have to complete a quest to access his lair.
  • If an Ultimate Boss does nothing for 3 rounds (no use of AP or MP) we consider the AI bugged. It will then enter the “Invulnerable” state. We have implemented this system to avoid any exploitation of fault-related problems involving the AI or an unforeseen technical issue. Warning: Vampyro is also affected by this change.
  • All Ultimate Bosses have a maximum Critical Failure rate of 15%.
  • A token system was implemented for the Ultimate Bosses. With a victory, each player will automatically get a token that will be used to get parts of the Boss sets, if he hasn’t got the chance to have them drop already. These tokens are not tradable.
  • Each player will also receive a resource at the end of a battle against an Ultimate Boss. These resources can be used in the crafting of these sets. These resources are tradable.
  • The Ultimate Bosses will provide access to new items and more powerful sets. The old World Bosses sets will become craftable. They have also been rebalanced (see category “Items”).


Mobile Arenas

  • Balancing of the points earned by winning the Mobile Arenas’ challenge, which consists in finishing the Round in six turns. It was corresponding to the reward of the following round of the same challenge.
  • The disappearance of monsters to be added to the points of the participants will not happen again when abandoning a fight in the mobile arenas.



  • New Dungeon: the Schnek Incubator. You can access it by unlocking the quest that allows you to win the Baby Schnek.
  • Kokoko Dungeon: if you finish it without using the papers, they still disappear from your inventory.
  • A non-subscription player trying to access a dungeon he’s not allowed to complete now receives clearer feedback.
  • If, during his fight, Vampyro does nothing for 3 rounds (no use of AP or MP) we consider its AI bugged. It will enter the “Invulnerable” state. We have implemented this system to avoid any exploitation or fault involved. Warning: All Ultimate Bosses are affected by this change.



  • The monsters’ and Bosses’ AI has been enhanced to avoid them taking too much time to play when a lot of Summons are fighting.
  • Vampyro doesn’t cast Vampyrmortis on a Pandawa carrying someone.
  • Some effects triggered by spells used on 9-cell-monsters were problematic. If the spells were not cast on the central cell of the monster, the effects were not applied. This bug is fixed; the effects are applied.
  • All Members of Trouble/Destiny/Respite in Astrub will again drop items at their death.


Trool Fair

  • Tunnel of Love: Clicking on the boat did not indicate clearly enough that it takes two to start the ride. This was clarified.
  • Haunted House: It will not be possible to move during the animation of Gobbsage devouring the character.
  • Cupe ‘Em Up: It will now be possible to place more than 1 beacon during a fight.
  • Cupe ‘Em Up: Borders of the fight bubble are now of Air type.


Mount Zinit

  • Chapter 1: It is clearly indicated when you get three Agua Fragments by fighting Aguabrial.
  • Chapter 1: It will not be possible to win pieces of the Moze’s Amulet via the Enutrof “Pouch”.



Implementation of a new quest system. For this update, the new system is applied to:

  • Incarnum quests,
  • Astrub quests,
  • Mount Zinit quests,
  • Ultimate Boss quests,
  • Adventure quests (formerly “Wild Challenges).



  • You can now deposit Kamas in your Guild chest.



  • Now, Striches, Strichons and Thingamastrich appears as corpses when they die.
  • You can plant seeds immediately after stamping a plant.
  • New Resource: the Blackberry. It will be added to the Ray with Herbs and to the Gataurade’s recipes.



  • The Runic Recyclers that were on the Trade Bridges of the archipelagos are now only on the second bridge of each Nation. They are inside a dedicated workshop, indicated on the map by a marker.



  • The Ultimate Bosses will provide access to new items and more powerful sets. The old World Boss sets become craftable. They have also been rebalanced as documented below.
  • Gobbsage Items:
    • Gobbsage Breastplate: +87 HP, +12 Init, +25 Dodge, +17% Water, +9% Res All, +2 Lvl Earth spell.
    • Gobbsage String: +33 HP, +1 Block, +5% All, +1 AP.
    • Gobbsage Epaulettes: +82 HP, +15 Init, +10 Dodge, +4 Block, +20% Water, +8% Res All.
    • Gobbsage Headdress: +93 HP, +20 Init, +4 Block, +17% Water, +12% Heal, +9% Res All.
    • Set Bonus: 2 P = +45 HP, +10% Water. 3 P = +10% Water, +20 Dodge. 4 P = +1 AP, +5% Water.
    • Old-School Shovel: +80 HP, +20 Init, +23 PP, +3 CC, +34% Water, +6% Res All.
    • Gobbsage Cape: +80 HP, +20 Lock, +3 CC, +19% Heal, +9 Res All, +2 Lvl Water Spell.
    • The Maimer: +90 HP, +25 Init, +23 Dodge, +5 Block, +32% Fire, +16% damage from behind, +1 Lvl Fire spell.
  • Moowolf Items:
    • Moowolf Finery: +106 HP, +25 Init, +40 Lock, +4 Critical Hit, +16% Fire, +16% Earth.
    • Moowolf Bell: +16 Init, +2 Critical Hit, +9% Fire +9% Earth, +1 AP.
    • Moowolf Signet Ring: +37 HP, +10 Init, +1 Block, +1 Critical Hit, +10% Fire, +10% Earth.
    • Moowolf Headgear: +105 HP, +20 Init, +25 Lock, +3 Critical Hit, +13% Fire, +13% Earth, +10% Res All.
    • Set Bonus: 2 P = +10% Fire, +10% Earth, +1 Critical Hit. 3 P = +9% Fire, +9% Earth, +3 Critical Hit. 4 P = +1 AP.
    • Demented Club: +100 HP, +25 Init, +3 Block, +40% Fire, +20% Summon damage, +1 MP.
    • Hurdy Girdle: +90 HP, +24 Init, +2 Block, +2 Critical Hit, +12% All, +12% Res All.
  • Black Crow Items:
    • Black Crow’s Epaulettes: +80HP, +10 Init, +15 Dodge, +2 Block, +2 Critical Hit, +21% Air, +10 Water resist.
    • Black Crow’s Helmet: +86 HP, +12 Init, +2 Critical Hit, +20% Air, +10 Earth resist, +4 Lvl Water spell, +1 Range.
    • Black Crow’s Boots: +100 HP, +20 Dodge, +23% Air, +3 Critical Hit, +1 Block, +8% Res All.
    • Black Crow’s Cloak: +114 HP, +25 Init, +25 Dodge, +3 Critical Hit, +14% Resist All, +3 Lvl Water spell, +20% resist damage from behind.
    • Set Bonus: 2 P: 40 HP, +15% Air. 3 P: +15% Air, +2 lvl Air spell. 4 P: +1 AP.
    • Black Crow’s Sword: 54 Air damage/81 Air damage, +1 AP, +15 Init, +3% Criticla Hit, +22% Air, +115 HP.
    • Black Crow’s Ring: +15 Init, +16 Dodge, +1% Critical Hit, +14% Air damage, +8% damage from behind.
  • KenKO: This item applies now the “De Darm” state to the revived player.
  • The aspects of rare and normal minerals are not inverted anymore.
  • The Priestess Staff is correctly displayed during battles.
  • The Stasili is stocked in the normal inventory instead of the quest inventory.
  • It is possible to switch the place of two items in the shortcut bars several times.
  • You can used Fairyworks from your inventory without causing a visual bug.
  • The action of lighting a candle is in grey if you don’t have the Fire of Love.
  • Flamboyant Insignia: The epaulettes are clearly visible.
  • The items giving a spell level bonus now give the Elemental Mastery to the wearer.
  • The Adventure set gives its bonuses correctly.
  • Resources can be stacked by 9,999 instead of 999.
  • The Old Pair of Underpants can now be found in-game.



  • If you consult the second page of a Marketplace with a character, then reconnect with another character to consult the Marketplace again, the first page is displayed instead of the second as before.
  • Improvement of the feedback when a player tries to sell an item when he doesn’t have enough kamas to pay the tax. Now, it is not possible to use the sell button.



  • The “Sit” emote chest of the achievement “A Boy and His Gemlin” has been removed. The emote is directly learned as a reward at the end of the quest.
  • The “Applaud” emote chest of the achievement “Felch Wodents” has been removed. Now, you can find it on a fish at the Kanojedo.
  • The “Huss” emote chest of the achievement “Super Kano Smash Boulz” has been removed. Now, you can find it on the Chuck Novice at the Kanojedo.
  • You can’t use an emote on a merry-go-round.


Haven Bag

  • New Ikiakit dedicated to resources: the Emerald Ikiakit.



New rules for when a Governor is deposed:

  • The Government is deposed with him.
  • The Governor loses 50% of his Citizenship Points.
  • He can’t stand for the following two elections.
  • He can’t be a part of the Government for the following two elections.
  • Afer a deposition, the laws don’t apply (you can’t earn or lose Citizenship Points), there are no CM’s bonuses, and there are no challenges. Everything related to politics is disabled until a new Governor is elected.



  • When you have several private chat windows opened, the messages are not displayed in all the windows but only in the one of the player you are talking to.
  • By deactivating a chat channel, the time of the other channels are not replaced anymore by the deactivation time of the first channel.
  • When sitting on a stool, the character will no longer shift more than two cells before resuming his position correctly.

That concludes the Patch Notes! We know it’s a lot of content, and we hope it has you extremely excited! Content Update 1.5 is going to be awesome!