Event: Fleaster

Get ready to add “eat chocolate” to the top of your To-Do list this weekend, as Fleaster Wodents, Egg Hunts, Chocolate Snappers and many more delicacies are coming to WAKFU from Aperirel (April) 6th – 9th!

Fleaster Eggs! Fleaster Eggs! Hidden all away, let's find them all today!

Aperirel (April) is certainly the most anticipated time of the year by all choco-holics of the World of Twelve… but alas, it's also the most feared by their livers — however, we all can agree that a little chocolate every now-and-then won't hurt!

During Fleaster, you'll be able to find the followings delicacies on the menu:

  • Gift Interface presents: Logging into the game at any time throughout the event period will automatically grant you  2x Bouquet of Cawwots (bestowing you with wonderous a trail of Fleaster Eggs) and 1x Fleaster Wodent Hat (level 15: +15 Initiative and +17 Health Points).

  • Egg Hunt: Chocolate eggs will randomly appear across the World of Twelve and if you manage to stumble across one, you may be lucky to receive Stuffed Tofus, Fleaster Wodents (Haven Bag decorations), or even a Bouquet of Cawwots!

  • Special Creatures: Behold an infestation of Fleaster Wodents! Allowing you to obtain pieces of the unique Fleaster Set (Level 15), do not trust these little chocolate creatures however as they plan to interfere with your Kwismas diet plans.

Chocolate! More Chocolate!


As a global drop across all creatures level 15 or higher, you'll be able to receive consumable chocolates such as the Chocolate Snapper (improves Luck), the Chocolate Tofu (improves Agility), the Chocolate Scara (improves inteligence), and the Chocolate Gobball (improves Strenght). Woah, watch out for cavities!

In addition, Wabbit Hunter title can be obtained by completing the event acheivement requiring you to kill 20 Fleaster Wodents and open 5 Fleaster Eggs.


Of course, all these chocolate festivities will be held under special Fleaster atmosphere, only in place for this event, such as Fleaster Street Lights that drip chocolate in all nation villages!

But That's Not All!

Starting at 5 PM PST on Friday, WAKFU team members with be hiding for an hour in-game, wearing the Fleaster Wodent Set, and if you find them… who knows, they might have a surprise gift for you!

So get your straw baskets ready and let the Egg hunt begin!


The high calorie activities will start April 6th and end April 9th.