Event: The Eradicator Program

The end is nigh! Come participate in “The Great Eradication” and earn exclusive status within the World of Twelve!

As we draw ever closer to the official launch of the game, time is running out to catch those pesky game bugs and provide the best experience possible for our community. And as many of you show promise of being great hunters, we introduce the “Eradicator Program”.

Beginning today and lasting until the end of Open Beta, February 22nd, the Eradicator Program will reward those who become “one with the bug”… those who infiltrate their ranks and uproot any and all they find – no bug will be safe from the Eradicators (especially those winged ones)!

This is your chance to become the greatest Eradicators the World of Twelve has ever seen!



Report a new and unique bugs existing in the current version of the game (0.312) through the Bug Reports sub-forum and receive points based on the following criteria:

  • +1 point for Text and Graphical reports
  • +3 points for Spell and Functionality reports
  • +10 points for Exploits and Security reports

Please note that incomplete reports, reports that are too vague, or reports that duplicate another issue reported in the Update 0.312 Bug Report sub-forum will not be counted.

For a guide on how best to report game bugs, please see the report template.


At the end of the program, on February 22nd, your total points will determine your reward:

  • 4 total points will award you the forum rank of “Eradicator Larva”.
  • 7 total points will award you the forum rank and in-game title of “Eradicator” for all of your characters.
  • 10 total points will award you the forum rank of “Winged Eradicator”, the in-game title of “Eradicator”, as well as the exclusive in-game item “Eradicator Wings” (back-slot equipment piece) for all of your characters.

Now that you’ve been issued your hunting license, good luck and may your bounty be fruitful!