Current Known Issues (Sep. 21)

As of the September 19, 2011 version update, we have confirmed the following issues. Investigation and recovery work is currently underway. We ask for your patience in this matter until these issues are addressed.

[Issue Details]

– An issue wherein Armoury Crate does not appear in the battlefield “Taurassic Park.”

– An issue wherein the Dark Knight’s level requirement is not included in the description for the magic scroll “Break.”
* “Break” can still be learned by the Dark Knight without any issues.

– An issue wherein players who have switched their allegiance are unable to use the teleport service to return to their home nation from any outpost.

– An issue wherein a level 85 fellow will not talk about experience points remaining for its next level up.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.