May 31 “hotfix” patch notes

On May 31st, the team deployed a hotfix to resolve a number of issues. Please see the patch notes below:


  • Radial Menu has had several issues resolved, including right-clicking of laws during combat and having the option to “Engage in combat” on those already participating in a fight.
  • Display text during combat has had its duration corrected.
  • Politics Interface now correctly refreshes when switching from a Bontarian character to an Amaknarian, and vice versa.
  • Camera can no longer zoom out indefinitely.
  • Ladder flags for 2nd and 3rd place rankings now display correctly.
  • Sword icons replacing combatants while in Low Quality settings have been updated.
  • Character portraits now display as intended within the group status interface element.
  • Gift window’s “Take All” option has been removed until the function can be properly addressed at a later date.
  • Incarnam’s Ecosystem interface is once again available via the associated Clan Member.
  • World Maps have been updated to reflect patch 0.305’s geographical changes.


  • It is again possible to plant monsters until the zone reaches capacity.
  • It is again possible to plant monsters in Bonta’s forest.
  • Groups spawned by planted monsters are now diversified.
  • A mixed-seed can now generate any group template consisting of at least one monster family member associated to the source.



  • Combat effects no longer carry on if a fight ends prematurely.
  • Item Exchange function can no longer be abused to duplicate items.
  • The Three Pistes dungeon beer machine no longer vanishes.
  • Formerly, when a player not having chosen his nation returns to Incarnam, they were not able to go back down. A temporary solution has been deployed: players are directly sent to Astrub. Catskill’s options should return in a coming patch.
  • Temporary inventory transfers now function as intended.
  • Government Chat Channel now works as intended.
  • It is no longer possible to affect a “Time Attack” arcade dungeon ladder by winning a duel.
  • It is no longer possible to stack multiple arcade dungeon statues on the same pedestal.
  • Client performance issues caused when in view of a fight in which a combatant dies have been addressed.




  • General: All spell points will be reset due to the scope of changes.



  • Moskitots can no longer destroy the Xelor’s dial.
  • Hourglass: AI no longer benefit from awarded Action Points.
  • Hourglass: Spell description modified to reflect actual functionality.
  • Timekeeper: Issues appropriate Action Points when the needle disappears.
  • General: Hourglass issued Action Points are now usable.
  • Devotion: Now grants Initiative to friends instead of foes.
  • General: Missing “Applied State” indication message corrected on a tile for the Xelor’s clock.



  • Punishment: No longer activates Sadida dolls.
  • Punishment: No longer issues damage to summons such as the Coney or Sadida Doll.
  • Motion Sickness: Effects now limited when used in combination with Transposition.
  • Kill: Timeline bonuses now work as intended.
  • Motion Sickness: Now works as intended.
  • Punishment: Requirements have been adjusted; no longer gains “chrage” if used on an empty tile.
  • Bloodthirsty Fury: Requirements have been adjusted.



  • Flea Love: Can no longer be cast on an enemy already affected by the spell.
  • Cat Tree: Related icon added.



  • Prime of Life: Gives Movement Points upon loosing Movement Points.
  • Prime of Life: Now works as intended.
  • Tofoone: Chances of reproduction have been increased.



  • General: Doll seed has been balanced.