Today, the latest episode of Kana’s Korner was posted to YouTube, featuring Laura Post– the voice actress behind Moenbryda in Final Fantasy XIV.

During the interview it was revealed that Laura Post was already an employee at Square Enix before she landed the role of the Roegadyn Scion. Before going into voice acting full time, Laura Post was a Senior Game Master for Final Fantasy XIV.

Patch 2.5 spoilers below!

During the show, Lara talks about her love of Final Fantasy XI, working as a Game Master on that title as well since GM’s work with both of the online titles.

When landing the role of Moenbryda, she said that she did a regular audition and after the fact they realized she had already been working for the company.

I already knew that she was doomed from the start. I might have done it all in one day, all the patches. So I went from “Here  I am! I’m new! to “Oh I’m dead” in a day.

So, the voice of Moenbryda might have at one time, also solved your own in-game disputes as a Senior GM.

There’s your fun fact for the day.