Bear Simulator? Bear Simulator

In a world where simulation games are springing up left and right, one developer points out one of the biggest problem in video games- none of them have you playing as a bear.

Farjay Studios has just launched their Kickstarter for Bear Simulator which, you guessed it, lets you play as a Bear! Featuring everything from large environments, secrets and mountain goats, the game is looking to raise $29,500 by April 17th.

2 thoughts on “Bear Simulator? Bear Simulator

  1. Bear zombie simulation? Is ‘it’ always on its hind legs with its arms stretched out? Seems like a interesting but weird concept of a game. I wouldn’t call it a ‘simulation’ per say, unless you wanna compare it to a flight simulation, it can also be “Superbear” (copyright2014Psxpert) because it looks as it’s flying through out the whole trailer,hehe! XD

    1. The kickstarter actually says that it is on hind legs for debug purposes only, and that normally it will be on 4 legs and go up like that to inspect things.

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