6 thoughts on “Patch 2.1 Notes

  1. Get ready to pony up some gil for a big house. ;) On Saragantas it’s like 300+ mil for the top of the line.

  2. those housing prices are ridiculous!! what in the world was yoshi-p/SE thinking? who the *bleep* has that kind of gil after getting a zero slashed off when transitioning from 1.x to 2.0? i am from hyperion and FC doesnt have enough gil for small plot and thats with 20 members donating to a total of 10mil. with all the disappointments with this update i know alot of players will be leaving the game. especially with them changing everything for the PvP content. -_-

    1. Calm down, just because you can’t get a house on day one doesn’t mean you can’t get one eventually.

      1. This is the issue though- this new content, is content people have been looking forward too for a long time (1.0) to not have it as accessible as the other content in the game is a poor decision.

        Sure, prices will decrease on housing, but also keep in mind that that’s per housing instance, if that fill up, a new one will be opened (when the developers trigger it i believe, its not automated) and then that price reduction cycle starts all over again.

        They went back on their initial plan for housing pricing where a few players could go through, complete the game, and then combine their money for a house. Last I checked the game wasn’t handing out like 3 million gil for beating the main scenario.

  3. So, instead of doing away with a
    system that is known to destroy mmorpgs (Tera, Aion, LoTRO, Rift, etc) ,
    they’ve expanded on it? The token/Gear-gated system has just been
    overhauled to require more grinding for equal gear to everyone else, no
    mention of any customization or uniqueness, everyone is a clone. And to
    top it off, the top 10 things players want and need to be efficient, etc
    aren’t even there.

    No mention of storage expansion, Multi-tasking movement of items when
    other menus are opened, removal of useless items stuck to your
    character… wow, this is incredible.

    Pure idiots. I actually stopped my renewal after reading that.

  4. btw… for those that didnt notice… bloodletter and straight shot got nerfed and nothing was mentioned at all in the patch notes. bloodletter was 150 but now is 130. straight shot was 140 but now is 130. ty SE for hiding this from the BRDs.

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