Mo’ Moogles, Mo’ Problems

Merry Starlight to one and all!

The season of smiles and bright lights is upon us once again, which means the moogles of the M.H.M.U. are working all hours of the day and night to ensure that preparations are finished in time to illuminate the faces of the three nations’ citizens.

And, as an inevitable part of the preparation process, workshop supervisor moogles let into their subordinates with a wrath worthy of Odin. The treatment is particularly harsh for newly appointed apprentices, but such is hierarchy in an occupation full of stress.

No matter what craft, continent, or even cosmos one clings to, there will always be new recruits who make mistakes—it is a fact of life. However, the consequences for such indiscretions always seem direr to those employed by the M.H.M.U. On the other hand, perhaps the added pressure gives them the opportunity to learn more from their mistakes than the average moogle?

Put your ear to the workshop door to hear the tale of one amateur artisan who bumbled through building boxes.