Patch 1.23 Notes

Patch 1.23Patch 1.23 has gone live, bringing with it the riveting climax to the Seventh Umbral Era storyline.

The realm plunges further into chaos, and adventurers will find themselves entrusted with their most dangerous mission to date. Faced with intensifying conflict, the Grand Companies of Eorzea have commenced Skirmish—military exercises that pit soldiers against powerful foes. These and numerous other refinements and additions await you!

Pore over the official particulars.

  • Event
  • Battle
  • Item
  • System
  • Fixed Bugs
  • New Items
  • New Recipes

We would like to take a moment to remind players that the goobbue mount will become unobtainable upon the release of patch 1.23a.
Learn how to obtain your goobbue mount.


  • [dev1001][dev1002] The following sidequests have been added:

    Quest Title Client Location
    A Misty Past F’ongho Lower La Noscea, Moraby Bay (28,33)
    Carving a Name Sizha Epocan Eastern La Noscea, Wineport (31,18)
    Losing One’s Thread Honga Vunga Gridania, Carline Canopy (Adventurers’ Guild) (6,6)
    Ore for an Ore Pahja Zhwan Ul’dah, Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern (6,6)
    No Other Dodo Will Do Hildie Ul’dah, The Quicksand
    (Adventurers’ Guild) (6,4)
    Blood Price Foxe Coerthas Eastern Lowlands,
    Owl’s Nest (63,34)
  • [dev1003] The following Grand Company quests have been added:

    Quest Title Client Location
    To Kill a Raven (Limsa Lominsa) Storm Lieutenant Guincum Limsa Lominsa, Maelstrom Command (1,1)
    To Kill a Raven (Gridania) Serpent Lieutenant Fulke Gridania, The Adder’s Nest (1,1)
    To Kill a Raven (Ul’dah) Flame Lieutenant Aubrey Ul’dah, The Hall of Flames (1,1)
  • [dev1454] New faction leves have been added.
  • [dev1455] The new battle content “Skirmish” has been added. Skirmish is the name given to military exercises featuring powerful foes that take place on one of two instanced isles—Locke’s Lie and Turtleback Island.
    * Only the party leader may initiate a Skirmish battle.


    Locke’s Lie Turtleback Island
    Class & Level Requirements Disciples of War or Magic level 45 and above Disciples of War or Magic level 45 and above
    Party Size Requirements 4–8 members 4–8 members
    Party Member Requirements All party members must be Disciples of War or Magic level 45 or above and be fully enlisted in a Grand Company. All party members must be Disciples of War or Magic level 45 or above and be fully enlisted in a Grand Company.
    Time Limit 30 minutes 30 minutes
    Cooldown Before Reentry (following a victory) 15 minutes 15 minutes
    Cooldown Before Reentry (following a defeat) 5 minutes 5 minutes
  • [dev1456] The conditions for obtaining rewards in caravan escort missions have been adjusted.

    Based on this change, players are required to form a party with fellow participants and play an active role in protecting the chocobos. Warning messages will appear at three points throughout the mission for players whose contributions are deemed insufficient.

  • [dev1457] The following items can now be stored in the armoire.
    • Seasonal events Woolen Sugarloaf Hat (Red) / Star-Spangled Subligar / Peregrine Helm / Scarf of Wondrous Wit
      * Gear obtained as rewards in the seasonal event scheduled for August will also be storable.
    • Achievement rewards Chocobo Mask


  • [dev1458] Enemy placement has been adjusted in the following areas:
    • Brittlebark, Mor Dhona
    • Crooked Fork, Coerthas Eastern Highlands
    • Glory, Coerthas Eastern Lowlands
    • Twinpools, Coerthas Western Highlands
    • Sandgate, Eastern Thanalan
    • Bearded Rock, Lower La Noscea
    • Moraby Bay, Lower La Noscea
    • Iron Lake, Upper La Noscea
    • The Isles of Umbra, Western La Noscea
    • Woad Whisper Canyon, Western La Noscea
    • Bentbranch, Central Shroud
    • Lynxpelt Patch, East Shroud
    • Verdant Drop, East Shroud


  • [dev1459] Several new items have been added.


  • [dev1460] Several new recipes have been added.


  • [dev1461] New spoils are now being accepted in Expeditionary Missions.

    The spoils and company seal rewards offered for them are as follows:

    • Primal lairs.

      Rank requirement: Sergeant Second Class.

      Item Seals
      Murderous Mogfists 3,200
      Morbid Mogblade 3,200
      Malignant Mogaxe 3,200
      Mischievous Mogbow 3,200
      Melancholy Mogfork 3,200
      Maleficent Mogstaff 3,200
      Malevolent Mogwand 3,200
  • [dev1462] Recast times have been shortened for the following items:

    Item Before After
    Giant’s Drink 15:00 10:00
    Muscle Restorative 30:00 15:00
  • [dev1463] The following unique/untradable items can now be converted into materia: Garuda’s Gaze / Garuda’s Talons / Garuda’s Scream / Garuda’s Beak / Garuda’s Spine / Garudas Galle / Garuda’s Van / Templar’s Chain Coif / Templar’s Haubergeon / Templar’s Sollerets / Templar’s Tassets / Buccaneer’s Tricorne / Buccaneer’s Shirt / Buccaneer’s Boots / Buccaneer’s Sash / Harlequin’s Cap / Harlequin’s Acton / Harlequin’s Tights / Harlequin’s Belt
  • [dev1464] The following items can now have materia melded to them: Templar’s Chain Coif / Templar’s Haubergeon / Templar’s Sollerets / Templar’s Tassets / Buccaneer’s Tricorne / Buccaneer’s Shirt / Buccaneer’s Boots / Buccaneer’s Sash / Harlequin’s Cap / Harlequin’s Acton / Harlequin’s Tights / Harlequin’s Belt
  • [dev1465] An addition has been made to the list of items that can be exchanged for company seals.

    <Second Lieutenant>

    Item Description
    Sanction A scroll containing glyphs which when read aloud invoke Sanction─a spell used by the Grand Companies to temporarily enhance the properties of company-issue armor.


  • [dev1466] Players will now receive a reward for completing the achievement “Handle with Care III.”
  • [dev1467] The Achievements interface now indicates the quests required for completing the following achievements: A Little Something on the Side: La Noscea / A Little Something on the Side: Black Shroud / A Little Something on the Side: Thanalan
  • [dev1468] The following areas can now be specified when using the player search feature: Rivenroad / Turtleback Island / Locke’s Lie
  • [dev1469] The following objective can now be set when recruiting party members: Skirmish
  • [dev1470] The following party recruitment objective has been renamed: Primal battles → Primals / Nael van Darnus
  • [dev1471] The following adjustments have been made to the micro menu:
    • Upper row:
      • An icon will appear to indicate when you are in possession of loot.
      • Icons are now larger in size.
  • [dev1473] The following terms have been added to the auto-translation dictionary:

    Questions Are you ready?
    Questions What’s the difference?
    Questions How does it aggro?
    Answers No problem!
    Answers I can’t.
    Answers Don’t.
    Answers It’s your call.
    Reasons I already have an invite.
    Reasons I already have one.
    Reasons No longer recruiting.
    Organize Tank
    Organize Melee
    Organize Ranged
    Organize Healer
    Organize Buffer
    Organize Caster
    Organize Looking for party.
    Organize Solo
    Organize Leader
    Tactics Boss
    Tactics I want
    Tactics Stay there.
    Tactics On my way.
    Tactics Will be right back.
    Tactics Let’s meet there.
    Game Terms Home Point
    Game Terms Area
    Game Terms Caravan
    Game Terms Caravan Escort
    Game Terms Micro Menu
    Game Terms Menu
    Game Terms Resist
    Game Terms Active
    Game Terms Passive
    Game Terms Aggro
    Game Terms Area of Effect
    Game Terms Goobbue
    Game Terms Dalamud
    Game Terms Journal
    Locations Closer
    Locations Farther
    Time Now
    Time Soon
    Time Anytime
    Time Waiting time
    Time End time
    General Terms help
    General Terms a lot
    General Terms a few
    General Terms maybe
    General Terms slowly
    General Terms quickly
    General Terms stop
    General Terms cancel
    General Terms door
    General Terms room
    General Terms red
    General Terms green
    General Terms blue
    General Terms yellow
    General Terms orange
    General Terms purple
    General Terms black
    General Terms white
    General Terms Walk
    General Terms Run
    General Terms Spawn
    General Terms Despawn
    General Terms Role
    General Terms Claim
    General Terms Distribution
  • [dev1474] The following emote has been added:
    • /pray

Fixed Bugs

  • The following bugs have been fixed:
    • The Attack Down effect used by Disciples of the Land would not function correctly during hamlet defense battles.
    • Enemies would not spawn on certain faction levequests.
    • Players could not target the strongbox in the Grand Company quest “Don’t Hate the Messenger (Gridania).”
    • Certain monsters were dropping incorrect items.
    • The company seal possession limit was not displaying correctly under certain conditions.
    • The game would not respond properly when selecting certain levequests.
    • Weather graphics were not displaying correctly in certain areas.
    • Graphics were not displaying correctly when logging in under certain conditions.
    • Graphics for the following items were not displaying correctly: Militia Trousers, Flame Sergeant’s Hose
    • Certain item names were incorrect.
    • The log interface would be hidden from view when accepting certain quests.
    • Certain faction leve information was incorrect.
    • Certain system messages were incorrect.
    • Certain NPC messages were incorrect.
    • The player could not move at certain locations.
    • The server would crash under certain circumstances.

New Items

Item Type Description
Giantsgall Claws Pugilist’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: PGL MNK
Giantsgall Longsword Gladiator’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: GLA PLD
Giantsgall War Axe Marauder’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: MRD WAR
Giantsgall Longbow Archer’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: ARC BRD
Giantsgall Trident Lancer’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: LNC DRG
Giantsgall Longstaff Two-Handed Thaumaturge’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: THM BLM
Giantsgall Cane Two-Handed Conjurer’s Arm Required Level: 50/Requires: CNJ WHM
Chocobo Mask Helm Optimal Level: 35/Suits: All Classes
Carpenter’s Hood Hat Required Level: 50/Requires: CRP
Blacksmith’s Goggles Eyewear Required Level: 50/Requires: BSM
Armorer’s Visor Mask Required Level: 50/Requires: ARM
Goldsmith’s Turban Hat Required Level: 50/Requires: GSM
Leatherworker’s Hat Hat Required Level: 50/Requires: LTW
Weaver’s Gibus Hat Required Level: 50/Requires: WVR
Alchemist’s Monocle Eyewear Required Level: 50/Requires: ALC
Culinarian’s Hat Hat Required Level: 50/Requires: CUL
Coliseum Galerus War Garb Required Level: 45/Requires: Discipline of War
Coliseum Shawl Attire Required Level: 45/Requires: Discipline of Magic
Coliseum Subligar Pants Required Level: 45/Requires: Discipline of War
Coliseum Loincloth Pants Required Level: 45/Requires: Discipline of Magic

New Recipes

  • Armorer

    Item Material Crystal
    Armorer’s Visor Darksteel Ingot
    Cobalt Plate
    Hippogryph Leather
    Boar Leather
    Earth Cluster x1
    Ice Cluster x1
  • Goldsmith

    Item Material Crystal
    Blacksmith’s Goggles Hard Hippogryph Leather
    Cobalt Ingot
    Undyed Woolen Cloth
    Clear Glass Lens
    Wind Cluster x1
    Fire Cluster x1
    Goldsmith’s Turban Rose Gold Ingot
    Undyed Linen
    Wind Cluster
    Fire Cluster x1
    Alchemist’s Monocle Darksteel Ingot
    Brass Ingot
    Clear Glass Lens
    Boar Leather
    Wind Cluster x1
    Fire Cluster x1
  • Leatherworker

    Item Material Crystal
    Leatherworker’s Hat Hard Hippogryph Leather
    Hippogryph Leather
    Hippogryph Sinew
    Wind Cluster x1
    Earth Cluster x1
  • Weaver

    Item Material Crystal
    Carpenter’s Hood Vanya Silk
    Rosewood Branch
    Undyed Woolen Cloth
    Wind Cluster x1
    Lightning Cluster x1
    Weaver’s Gibus Vanya Silk
    Chocobo Feather
    Wind Cluster x1
    Lightning Cluster x1
    Culinarian’s Hat Rose Gold Ingot
    Undyed Felt
    Undyed Linen
    Wind Cluster x1
    Lightning Cluster x1